Visible Hands in Economics" students

Department launches the "Visible Hands in Economics" (VHE) program. VHEs support student learning and engagement in introductory economics by performing traditional teaching-assistant duties in all sections of the course and hosting a new weekly study hall open to all students taking introductory economics. Pictured above, the first-ever cohort of VHEs: Chase Williamson '19, Deante Bryan '20, Katie Pruitt '20, Mirayda Martinez '20, Vanessa Jimenez-Read '20, Lauren Knudson '19 (VHE Program Student Coordinator), Emma Tapp '20, Lija Liu '20, Jeffrey Tse '19, Jessica Li '19, Jack Cote '20

  • How do markets aggregate information and coordinate economic behavior?
  • Why do governments regulate economic activity, and with what consequences?
  • Does trade with India and China reduce wages in industrial countries?
  • Should the Federal Reserve try to keep the inflation rate near zero?
  • How should public spending programs in health and education be designed?
  • What are the drivers of economic growth in low-income countries?

Within a flexible program of practical relevance, Swarthmore's economics curriculum emphasizes analytical rigor, the use and interpretation of statistical evidence, and the development of sustained written arguments. Students develop a portable set of skills, making the economics major a pathway to a rich array of careers in business, law, journalism, public policy, government, and academics.