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Social Sciences Quantitative Laboratory

Economics, Political Science, and Sociology/Anthropology

Department Overview

The Social Sciences Quantitative Laboratory at Swarthmore College develops students’ skills in quantitative analysis and comprehension.

Office Hours are now Digital

Office hours will be held digitally for the remainder of the semester. The link for office hours is permanent regardless of time; click

  • Tuesdays 11-noon, 3:30-5pm, by appointment

  • Wednesdays 3-5pm, by appointment

Drop in at any time, or reserve a time  at 

Register for Visualizing data in R, offered April 19 and April 20,

A full description of these workshops is available here

Help Documents for Moving Online

A compilation of documents to help us move online can be found at  These include

  • Technology Requirements for Synchronous Digital Classrooms and Office Hours
  • Maximizing Connection Speeds in Synchronous Video Interactions
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity Problems
  • Setting Up Permanent Zoom Links
  • Setting “Away from Computer” Messages in Zoom
  • Running a Large Meeting in Zoom
  • Responsible Remote Access with Remote Control
  • Responsible Remote Access without Remote Control
  • Office Hours/Help Sessions with 2+ Leaders and Secondary Communication Platform
  •  Office Hours/Help Sessions with 2+ Leaders and Secondary Devices

Workshops (20-30 offered per semester)

The Stata and Data Manipulation workshops will still be running as the college moves to remote teaching; I've taught digital classes and seminars that emphasize participation and critical thinking, and am looking forward to trying it out in the new context. The Stata workshops originally scheduled for Mon 3/16 and Wed 3/18 will be rescheduled to Mon 3/23 and Wed 3/25 at the same times. Sadly, I cannot offer pizza digitally.

The workshops will rely on the following requirements:

  • laptops/desktops (Mac or PC only)
  • webcameras
  • headphones
  • strong internet
  • local installations of Stata

If you do not have these capabilities, please send me an email. There will be recordings of the materials, but the quality of the recorded material won't be known until we try it!


Workshop topics range from introductions to programming in R or Stata, How to Read a Quantitative Paper, and Sampling and Election Polls. Workshops are offered based on demand; not all are offered each semester. 

  • A full list of all workshops offered can be found here
  • Registration information for all Fall 2019 workshops can be found as a pdf here or as a webpage here.

Research mentoring, data science interview preparation, and programming consultations

Students seeking help with research, data science interviews, and programming homework can make appointments at the links below. If you think your appointment will last over 30 minutes, please book at least two appointment slots!

Office hours:

If these times don't work, feel free to send an email to to schedule an appointment.

Curriculum consultation

If you have questions about the types of classes that will provide data science skills, the SSQL can provide information about which classes you can take and the skills that might be helpful to acquire.


Teaching Assistant opportunities are available for students with strong Stata and R skills. If you’d like to TA for one of the workshops, please email Ella Foster-Molina at