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Social Sciences Quantitative Laboratory

Economics, Political Science, and Sociology/Anthropology

Department Overview

The Social Sciences Quantitative Laboratory at Swarthmore College develops students’ skills in quantitative analysis and comprehension.

Upcoming Workshops (20-30 offered per semester)

Workshop topics range from introductions to programming in R or Stata, Interpreting Regressions in Quantitative Papers, and Preparing for a Data Science Interview. 

  • Computer Hacks to Save You Time: Beginner/Intermediate
    • Thu 10/27 7:15-8:30pm
    • Register at
    • Knowing your keyboard and computer's file structure saves a lot of time, possibly as much as 64 hours per year. That’s 2.5 days that you could be sleeping, hanging out with friends, or studying more efficiently. This introductory workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate level computer usage. In other words, this workshop is for you if any of the following apply to you: 

      • you don't know what Ctrl+a or Cmd+a does

      • you generally want to practice a variety of keyboard shortcuts

      • you don't know what a file path is

      • you don't know what a .zip file is

    • The workshop will be hands on and interactive. Bring your laptop if you can; lab computers are available if you can't. You'll learn concepts while you practice manipulating files, use keyboard shortcuts, and manage windows/your taskbar.

  • Stata II: distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests, and more

    • Sun 10/30 4-6:15pm, Mon 10/31 7-9:15pm, Tues 11/1 4:15-6:30pm, Wed 11/2 4:15-6:30pm

    • Registration available for those who attended Stata I this semester, or by emailing me at

  • Using Excel

  • Wrangling Data in Stata

    • tentatively Nov 6-12, details TBA

  • Making Pretty Tables in Stata

    • tentatively Nov 13-19, details TBA

  • Interpreting Data with Maps in R
    • tentatively Nov 20-23, 38-30, details TBA
  • Stata III: commands and their visualizations for regressions

    • tentatively Nov 20-23, 38-30, details TBA

    • Registration available for those who attended Stata I this semester, or by emailing me at

  • A list of workshops that may be offered in the future can be found here


Office Hours

Students seeking help with research, data science interviews, and programming homework can make appointments at the links below. If you think your appointment will last over 30 minutes, please book at least two appointment slots!

  • Wednesdays 1:15-3:45pm by appointment

  • Thursdays 10:45am-12:15pm, by appointment

Location: Parrish 231W. Reserve a time  at 

Curriculum consultation

If you have questions about the types of classes that will provide data science skills, the SSQL can provide information about which classes you can take and the skills that might be helpful to acquire.


Teaching Assistant opportunities are available for students with strong Stata and R skills. If you’d like to TA for one of the workshops, please email Ella Foster-Molina at