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Learn about the libraries' summer internship, CiLIS, meet the new curator of the Peace Collection, Sahr Conway-Lanz, discover board games in the libraries, read about the Open Access in Scholarly Publication Association, and take note of exhibitions featuring Wendel White and zines by queer and trans creators, and events introducing the Swarthmore College Chinese Journal, and celebrating the silhouette. 

Read the Latest from the Libraries

Ditta Baron Hoeber: Works

This exhibition, in McCabe's Cratsley Lounge until March 31, features artists’ books in our collection by Philadelphia-based artist Ditta Baron Hoeber. Hoeber writes about her use of artists' books as a medium, “Looking at my work in/as a book allows you to experience the materiality of the paper and the unglazed print, the silence of the space between images, and the intimacy of engaging with the content of the work.”

Pen and ink drawing of a woman resting her chin on her hands
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