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Code of Conduct

The Swarthmore College Libraries are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, inviting place for study, research, and access to information resources and research expertise. 

To contribute please:

  • Follow the Garnet Pledge at all times
  • Wear a mask - even in group study rooms or other isolated spaces when you are alone
  • Be considerate and respectful of one another
  • Be aware of noise levels:
    • Silence your phone. Please go outside to make or receive calls
    • Follow noise level guidance provided by library signs in different study areas
    • Keep conversations at a reasonable level that does not disturb others
  • Due to COVID 19 restrictions and masking, enjoy your beverages in covered containers. (No food please!)

The libraries monitor our spaces and will remind students of these policies when necessary. If students do not comply, their names will be taken and given to the Deans Office for further consequences.