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Clubs & Activities

Enrolled swarthmore students may email the office of student engagement ( for current club/organization leadership contact information.


Aja is a club that strives to promote the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of Black women and non-binary people on Swarthmore's campus by providing a space to explore and celebrate our identities as as well as create community amongst ourselves. Aja is centered on self-care, empowering its members to focus on surviving and thriving on a campus that was not created for us.

Alpha Omega

We invite every student to read, discuss and test the Bible for themself to understand what it means to live following Jesus. We have weekly events and serve underprivileged communities alongside students from universities across Greater Philadelphia.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE is the nation's oldest engineering society dedicated to professional development of engineers. Swarthmore's chapter hosts events with professional engineers and competes in regional engineering competitions.


ANALÖG was founded in the fall of 2018 to preserve enthusiasm for film photography and launch Swarthmore’s sole image-based publication. Students are welcome to submit their photography to each themed issue.

Anime Club

Swarthmore Anime Club is a student-run organization dedicated to organizing spaces for anime, manga, and light novel fans to gather and engage in activities together. We wish to build a sense of community between anime enthusiasts on campus and provide fans with opportunities to do anime related activities such as viewing films or going to conventions. 

Archery Club

The Archery Club is a recreational student activity group that gives students at Swarthmore College the opportunity to learn and practice the sport of archery. We currently hold  shooting lessons and events at Middletown Archery twice a week. All students are welcome to join and no prior experience is necessary to participate. 


ASL club works to expose Swarthmore students to Deaf culture regardless of previous experience with ASL. Focusing specifically on the language of many Deaf Americans: American Sign Language, the club is a platform for Deaf events, resources and social spaces that work to bridge the gap between the Deaf community and hearing community.

Athletes for Diversity and Inclusion

ADI (Athletics for Diversity and Inclusion) aims to hold space for conversation and action focused on issues of race, gender, class, nationality, and other diverse and intersecting identities within the world of athletics. ADI will accomplish this mission through events, uplifting diverse community members, and acting as a bridge from Athletics to the campus at large in an effort to establish Swarthmore as a place that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals of all backgrounds.

Equestrian Club

Swarthmore Equestrian club takes students to weekly riding lessons at a local barn. Students will learn to ride and care for horses. The club is open to all students regardless of experience level!


Full of grace and power, the Swarthmore College Club Badminton team dances across the court, challenging University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Drexel University, Haverford College, Bryn Mawr College, Temple University, and other institutions in both collegiate and open tournaments across the Northeast. We practice year round, with our main collegiate competitions occurring in the spring. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us for practice and tournaments. Come become part of our family!

Basketball Club

The club basketball team was founded for three main purposes: 1) to form a non-varsity team that competes with other colleges and universities, 2) to provide resources for basketball players, and 3) to generate interest in basketball and welcome anyone interested in basketball to participate in an organized way. To empower non-profits and social enterprises to achieve their full potential. We are dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality strategic and operational assistance that enables our clients to create meaningful impact in their communities. We are, furthermore, committed to nurturing the next generation of social impact leaders by offering our consultants valuable opportunities for professional development and hands-on experience in the field of consulting and social entrepreneurship.” (

Beekeeping Club

We maintain and are responsible for two hives on campus. Our gatherings include hive checks and harvesting honey. We promote the wellbeing and population of bees, as climate change gravely affects their status. We foster a learning environment for those curious or interested in learning about bees and beekeeping!

Biology Club

We are dedicated to building a community among biology students by having fun with all things BIOLOGY! We host a variety of events, ranging from bioethics discussions, lunch with biology department faculty, course-registration advice sessions, nature walks, biology-themed baking nights to various field trips. 

Bird Club

The Bird Club is devoted to the recreational observation of birds, primarily in the Crum Woods. Other planned activities include guest speakers, bird community events and field trips to see more birds out in the wild!


We are a club dedicated to offering a safe community and fellowship to the black men and masculine-identifying students of Swarthmore College. 

Black in Math/Stat

Mission Statement: Provide resources, support, and mentorship for Black undergraduate students in Mathematics & Statistics. 


Provide peer mentors for underclassmen who have an interest in or are already taking math courses (big/little sib?).

Assist underclassmen Black students with navigating being underrepresented in the classroom.

Achieve a quantitative increase of black students in Mathematics/Statistics at Swarthmore College.

Have regular events/meetings for underrepresented students (primarily black) to:

Discover careers in Mathematics & Statistics as well as in other fields that rely on Mathematical formalism.

Connect students with faculty mentors in the Mathematics & Statistics department, possibly pertaining to their interests or simply for the sake of mentorship.

Access a safe space where these students can feel represented in Mathematics & Statistics.

Invite Black Professors from regional Colleges/Universities to speak in the future events.

Core Values:

Black Representation & Inclusion in Mathematics & Statistics and careers requiring Mathematical proficiency.

Develop confidence in the idea of a black student pursuing a career in Mathematics & Statistics.

Bring awareness to the vast and probable untold career paths and applications in Mathematics & Statistics among the black student population.


BOUQUET is a project-oriented student organization at Swarthmore College aiming to explore and promote a more ethical and sustainable mode of fashion. In BOUQUET, creative aesthetics

are an integral part of everyday life. Promoting artist's collaboration, BOUQUET is the conglomerate of "blooming" visuals and ideas. This semester, BOUQUET will focus on fashion image production.  

Bowling Club

Bowling Club is a space that allows for beginner and amateur bowlers to learn techniques to progress in the sport.

boxing club

Swarthmore's Boxing Club welcomes students of all levels and backgrounds to develop their skills and fitness in a collaborative and positive environment. We train with a boxing coach multiple times a week and hold various team-bonding events throughout the semester. 

Boy Meets Tractor

Boy Meets Tractor provides a space for students to hone their sketch writing, production, and acting skills. Every semester, we put on a show to share our work with the Swarthmore community. We aim to foster a love of comedy on campus.


C4 is a student-chapter organization of CRCQL (Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living) dedicated to building alliances between local colleges and CRCQL with the goal of eliminating factors promoting environmental racism in the area. Through these relationships, we collectively spearhead and support initiatives that promote environmental justice in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, we interrogate our own college communities’ complicities and roles in this injustice and implement institutional-level solutions for equitable waste management.

Through community building and engagement, C4 @ Swarthmore—in conjunction with CRCQL—aspires for a clean and livable Chester community, and to garner commitments for zero waste resolutions in all 49 municipalities of Delaware County. C4 mobilizes community and empowers all citizens to contribute to a sustainably just society through education and advocacy. C-4 works to bring forward serious discussions about environmental injustice in pursuit of equity and justice for harmed marginalized communities. We actively engage in direct action and critical systems change to envision solutions to the problems of environmental injustice, racial marginalization and economic exploitation. 

Cinema Club

This organization is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting your film related projects! Whether that be with short film productions, film screenings, or film reviews, the club is dedicated to supporting and providing an avenue for those interested in film at Swarthmore to express their love for the art form. 

Co-Ed Club Volleyball

The Coed Volleyball Club Team seeks to provide a fun and competitive environment for those interested in organized volleyball. We will focus on building community through working together, collaborating to improve the individual skills of each team member, and providing a way for non-varsity athletes to obtain P.E. credit. The club is open to everyone, regardless of identity; we encourage individuals of all abilities and skill-levels to come practice and compete. Practices are held 2 to 3 times a week for 2-3 hours of practice.

College Democrats

Swarthmore College Democrats promotes civic participation through voter registration, education, and volunteer opportunities; facilitates campus discourse on current events and political issues; and aims to advance the political prospects of Democratic candidates.


We're the South Asian Student Club, or just "Deshi" for short. We're all about connecting people with South Asian culture, whether you grew up with it or just want to explore something new. We provide means for many festivals to be celebrated such as Diwali, Navratri, Holi, and Eid which are open to everyone. These festivals have an average of over 100 attendees spanning over students, faculty, and staff. In addition to that we host weekly hangouts over tea and south asian snacks which are typically attended by 20 students.


ENLACE is a space for pan-ethnic, Latine, and Latin American-identifying students to come together in community and solidarity. We provide social, educational, mentoring, and political opportunities to engage students through collaborations with outside organizations, teach-ins, and cultural events to explore the many identities of our community members. Furthermore, ENLACE works to create pan-ethnic solidarity through community building across Swarthmore and the Philadelphia area.

Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (EESA)

Swarthmore’s Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (ESSA) is home to Ethiopian-Eritrean Swarthmore students who are both native-born and diaspora. ESSA hopes to raise awareness about the Ethio-Eritrean culture, people and history. One of ESSA’s missions is to embrace the differences between our cultures and provide a community of support.

FLI Council

Through mobilization around concerns surrounding the FLI experience, the Council will facilitate programs and initiatives that support FLI students. The Council believes in sustainable initiatives that create lasting, long-term structural change. As the Council advocates for the College to meet the needs of FLI students with critical care, they will continue to make change on their end.

Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics (GeMs)

Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics is a Swarthmore student-run club and a registered Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) student chapter. GeMs in Math & Stats’ goal is to provide a welcoming space for students of underrepresented identities interested in math and statistics, and to make the Math/Stat Department more open and accessible to all students by hosting events throughout the semester.

Glass Blowing Club

Glass Blowing Club helps to provide students an opportunity to discuss and explore the fine arts. We take students glassblowing, provide opportunities to learn more about the medium, and help to connect students to professionals who may be interested in learning and doing more. We seek to provide an open, safe, and encouraging environment where each student feels welcome to explore glass blowing and their own creativity. 

Golf Club

We provide students the opportunity to play golf at nearby courses and participate in fun events like mini-golf tournaments.

Good Food Project

The Good Food Garden Club is a space to teach students about planting, caring for, and harvesting their own food. We meet at the garden 2-3 times a week to plant new crops, weed our plots, harvest crops, and water the garden. We also use the space to grow ingredients for cooking and foraging events. Most recently, we have hosted an edible flower cookie baking day as well as a foraging/gardening-inspired vegan dinner. Over the summer, student interns take care of the space, working full time during the week to make sure everything looks good and is producing food well.

Google Developers Student Club (DSC) 

GDSC works to inform students on campus to new Google Technologies and technologies that they might find useful. We also strive to create solutions to problems within the Swarthmore community through apps and other forms of technology. GDSC mainly focuses on CS-related technologies.


HAN is a student organization at Swarthmore that provides a space for students to experience Korean and Korean American culture and community. HAN hosts social, cultural, and recreational events, such as Korean holiday celebrations; food events such as semesterly hwaeshiks and ramen nights; and more! General members are invited to participate in the weekly open board meetings to contribute ideas, provide feedback, and get to know other HAN members.


Herbivores is an inclusive space for anyone interested in a plant-based diet. We host group cooking events, clothing swaps, speaker events, and meatless challenges while also engaging in discussions regarding animal rights and environmental/health benefits of veganism and advocating for more plant-based options on campus. Everyone is welcome to join!


i20 is Swarthmore College's club representing international students. The i20 space is first and foremost for international students, but our initiatives welcome the entire campus community. The i20 intends to: - Ease and enrich international students’ transition to college life so that they can maximize their time at Swarthmore College. We do this through: Informational events (Tax and resumes workshop, career and networking support, international orientation) External trips (state ID trip, group philly visit) Social Events (Fall Feast, Spring Formal, celebrating cultural festivities, catering food over spring and fall break) Celebrating diversity in representation and perspective through academic and social channels (collaboration with groups within the IC collective, Honorarium/Lectures, next semester working to work with academic departments)

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is an organization dedicated to ending the Israeli Occupation and opposing all forms of anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab oppression, as well as organizing for a just peace for all peoples in occupied Palestine and throughout the world. We are both unabashedly Jewish and political in our support for Palestinian rights. Our Judaism is not “neutral” or “apolitical,” and we feel called to come together and say: “Not in our name.” Together we organize and build community around principles of justice and liberation.


Swarthmore Kehilah is a religious, social, and cultural organization that serves the Swarthmore Jewish community and the campus as a whole by fostering engagement with Jewish cultures and religion, connecting students who are interested in Judaism to one another, and providing a space for practicing, exploring, and discovering Judaism and Jewish identity.


Kitao Gallery is a student art collective and exhibition space dedicated to hosting art workshops, socials, open studio hours, and shows. We regularly collaborate with other campus affinity groups to create spaces for fostering community and belonging through creativity. 


As Swarthmore's Japanese culture club, Kizuna explores the world of Japanese food, culture, and events! Join our vibrant and inclusive club where we dive deep into all things Japanese. From weekly dinner meetings to amazing culinary experiences in Swarthmore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and beyond, we offer fun opportunities for everyone to join in. 


LaunchDeck is devoted to providing more resources for students pursuing personal development projects. We are interested in mentoring in and teaching ideation, prototyping, and mobile and web development, which are fields and topics that the Swarthmore Computer Science Department and the college do not currently address. In doing so, we are preparing students for engineering beyond academia, by applying classroom concepts to real world challenges. We also hope to provide resources and preparation for hackathon competitions, by hosting our own hackathons and making non-local hackathons more accessible. We believe that in providing more resources for project development, we can encourage more initiative for students in computer science to pursue ideas that address important issues.


The mission of NatroKnots is to ensure that our campus is aware of the deeper prejudices that have been associated with natural/textured hair in order to foster a learning environment for those who do not know and those who unfortunately have experience. We are therefore working towards the expansion of natural hair care products in the campus store and hosting various workshops on different natural hair care techniques and practices. 


Founded in 2019, Mei is the first student dance group at Swarthmore College that is focused on learning and appreciating traditional Chinese dance. Through learning both classical and ethnic Chinese dances, we hope to share our passion and garner a greater audience for Chinese dance and culture. 

Men’s Club Soccer

This club aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students of the college to engage in fun and competitive physical activity through soccer practices and games. It operates as a Coed program encouraging any and all students, regardless of past soccer experience, to join and learn more about the game through their peers. 

Men’s Rugby

Swarthmore College’s Rugby (M) Club is a tight-knit team driven by our love for the game and our mission to grow the sport of rugby. Rugby offers a fast-paced and high-energy experience like no other. Our team is open to all, regardless of shape, size, or experience, and we provide a supportive and inclusive environment where you can learn and grow. We practice weekly and compete both locally and regionally year-round. Join us to get to know the sport and build friendships beyond the field. Follow along with the team on Instagram (

Mixed Company

Mixed Company (also known as MoCo) is Swarthmore's oldest co-ed a cappella group. Mixed Company performs several times each semester at Swarthmore in a variety of styles.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a team-based competition that combines elements of law, speech, debate, and theater. Students prepare and try a simulated case before a judge and a jury in tournaments around the country.


We go to Springfield Ice Rink every Thursday and Sunday night to play ice hockey

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Students Association is an open organization that holds various events and provides supports for its members. Events include but are not limited to, regular congregational Jummah prayers, speaker events/panels, outings into Philadelphia, community iftars during Ramadan, and more. The MSA also strives to educate the larger Swarthmore campus about Islam and Muslim life. 


The National Society of Black Engineers at Swarthmore College aims to recognize and enhance the excellence achieved by African-American and other minority engineering students in academic, professional, and community realms. Our chapter is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where students in engineering and technology fields can thrive and prepare for future career success.


NatroKnots strives to provide community for folks of textured hair on campus to feel educated, welcome, and comfortable in whatever way they choose to present themselves and their hair. 

Olde Club

Olde Club is a student-run performance space that functions on the belief that live music is an inherently good, beautiful, and human thing that deserves to be cultivated and appreciated at Swarthmore College. In offering an exciting range of live music from the greater Delco and Philly area, as well as performance opportunities for student musicians, Olde Club strives to provide a welcoming space for campus and community members to come together, effectually supporting the local music scene and offering Swarthmore students the opportunity to gain experience working for and in a concert-venue.

Organizing to Redefine “Asian” Activism (ORAA)

Organizing to Redefine “Asian” Activism (ORAA) is a socio-political group that aims to mobilize students and unpack the nuances of an imperfect “Asian” identity. ORAA seeks to act as a site of political action in collaboration with other student organizations and the greater-Philadelphia Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Pacific Islander American (API/A) network. We hold discussion-based meetings and organize larger events such as panels, talks, screenings, fundraisers, and more. We discuss issues that cover a broad scope of topics, which include race, culture, identity, education, politics, current events, and popular culture.

Our Arts Spoken In Soul (O.A.S.IS)

Our Arts Spoken In Soul (O.A.S.IS) is a student-led creative writing club deeply rooted in spoken word poetry performances. As the name suggests, O.A.S.I.S seeks to help cultivate a voice of truth in every creative writer through their arts: spoken word poetry performances, paper poetry workshops, fiction and short story reviews, etc. Through our workshops, open mics, and spoken word events, we intend to explore various writers and their writing styles as a means of contributing to the literary scene at Swarthmore College. We also intend to provide a platform where creative and no-creative writing majors at Swarthmore can find a family and space of relaxation outside of the classroom and intensive school work. Additionally, through our writing workshops, we aim to have participants learn about artists with marginalized identities who work with different media. We also provide a safe space for students to analyze art and explore their identity through exposure to other media and artists who may reflect or resonate with our participants. Through O.A.S.I.S., members will practice delivery and share tips for effective performance in any form of art. O.A.S.I.S plans to organize on-campus events, travel, and admission to off-campus events, and collaborate with other organizations and faculty to bring people to campus for performances.


Outsiders is Swarthmore's student-run outdoors club; we run hikes, workshops, kayaking trips, and other outdoors activities, including the fall/spring break backpacking trips, and weekly indoor rock climbing trips. Got an outdoors skill you'd like to share with other Swatties or a cool hike you'd like to go on? Go for it -- any Outsiders member is welcome to lead activities!


Peripateo is a journal and blog focused on Christian discourse within academia.

Petey Greene Club

Do you want to tutor incarcerated people? Are you passionate about mass incarceration and education? The Petey Greene Program at Swarthmore College is an expansion of the nationwide organization that works to aid the educational efforts of current and previously incarcerated individuals as well as educating our smaller communities on the effects of mass incarceration. In addition to that, the Swat PGP works to facilitate open discussions of health and social care for those within and affected by the carceral state; this includes topics such as restorative justice, lgbtq+ health, and maternal care. 

Philosophy GeMs

The Philosophy GeMs (Gender Minorities in Philosophy) is a student-run club at Swarthmore. Our goal is to provide a welcoming space for people of underrepresented gender identities who are interested in philosophy by building community among gender minorities in the philosophy department and providing opportunities for networking and further discussion to members of the club. We meet every week for casual discussions about philosophy and philosophy-related topics, and host social events throughout the semester. Anyone interested in philosophy who identifies as a minority gender in the discipline is welcome; one do not need to be a philosophy major or enrolled in a philosophy class to attend.

Photography Club

The Swarthmore Photography Club is a student-run organization that assists Swarthmore undergraduates in their pursuit of digital and film photography as a hobby. In addition, the club strives to provide every member with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with taking, developing, and editing photographs. The hope is that students involved will gain an appreciation for the art of photography and build skills to capture memories for the rest of their lives.

PsiPhi (Not a Frat)

PsiPhi (Not a Frat) is a student-run organization that provides a social space for students interested in fantasy, science fiction, and other nerdy hobbies. We host various events throughout the year to help our members bond over shared experiences, to introduce our hobbies to other students on campus, and most importantly to have fun. We also maintain our own library (PsiLi) in Parrish Basement, which holds board games and a variety of books, primarily of the science fiction and fantasy genres. We also organize the annual Pterodactyl Hunt, an autumnal staple at Swarthmore.


The Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter is a chapter of the national QuestBridge organization that connects the nation's brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. As the Swarthmore QuestBridge Chapter, we aim to create a community and support for QuestBridge Scholars and fellow FLI students through various levels of engagement. We uphold QuestBridge’s core values as we work on self-engagement toward holistic growth, network engagement with the rest of the FLI community, and civic engagement through outreach and public service.

Rocket Club

We are the Rocketry/Drone Club. We deal with anything that flies and we specifically focus on supporting the Swarthmore community on creating and learning about things that fly in a hands-on and engaging way.

Redefine Her Street (RHS)

Redefine Her Street (RHS) supports women interested in careers in financial and consulting services through educational resources, community-building practices, mentorship opportunities, and recruiting support.

Rhythm N’ Motion (RnM)

Rhythm N’ Motion was founded by Jumatatu Poe in response to the lack of diversity in dance styles at Swarthmore. Underrepresented dance styles and music are the cornerstone of RnM. All of our pieces are student-choreographed and stem from the African Diaspora, which includes hip hop, rap, umfundalai, voguing, and more. The club has evolved into a Tri-Co performance group, with students from Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, and Haverford.

Salsa Club

Salsa Club provides weekly salsa and bachata lessons from an instructor for all levels. No shoes, partner, or experience needed!


The Swarthmore African Student Association (SASA) is a club dedicated to fostering and sustaining a sense of unity and community on campus among its African and Black student population by establishing opportunities to promote enriching and entertaining gatherings, meaningful cooperation opportunities, and successful solidarity between Black-led groups. SASA seeks to be a club that celebrates, respects, and welcomes the rich diversity of cultures, identities, and expressions of love and joy from all regions of the African continent and its diasporic populations present, past, and future. We often collaborate with SASS, SOCA, AJA, BLACK, BiMS, MSA, NSBE, ENLACE, ORAA, Kitao, the Black Cultural Center (BCC), the Intercultural Center, and its affinity group collective!

Savings, Wealth, Investment, Finance, Trade (SWIFT)

SWIFT ( Savings, Wealth, Investment, Finance, Trade) is an organization dedicated to promoting financial literacy among the Swarthmore and Philadelphia communities. Our goal is to provide the individuals we serve with workshops and resources to help them build healthier personal financial habits.


The Swarthmore College Computer Society, or SCCS for short, is a volunteer student collective offering computing services, tools, equipment, and information to the Swarthmore College community. SCCS Staff learn practical system administration and software development skills—the stuff you can't learn in a CS lecture--and utilize enterprise-grade hardware to do so. We've been around since 1991 and continue to have fun building and maintaining a variety of useful software tools.

Sewing, Up-cycling, crocheting, and knitting club (SUCK)

S.U.C.K. is a community of fiber artists and needleworkers at Swarthmore, coordinating supply orders and hosting a weekly space for students to come together and learn or practice fiber arts. SUCK is a welcoming, inclusive space, open to all students regardless of previous experience.

Sexual Health Advocates (SHA)

The Sexual Health Advocates is a student group for Swatties who are passionate about promoting safer sex, pleasure activism, and sexuality awareness. We host many sexuality-themed events that are open to the campus community. Most recently, we executed Swarthmore’s second annual Sex Week and Body Liberation Wek, hosting activities such as ‘De-Spookifying Sex’, The Art of Dirty Talk’, and 'Combating Dysphoria with Joy'. We also have recently begun a SHA book club, open to all students every semester. Our goal with our events is to support conversation, educate, and empower Swatties in all things sex. Our SHAs meet weekly to plan events and have conversations about safer sex and sexuality. We also collaborate with Worth Health Center and the SWELL team to (re)educate our SHAs on STI prevention, pregnancy prevention, barrier methods, PEP and PrEP, abortion, sexuality and identity, and pleasure (activism).

Shogi Club

The Shogi Club seeks to provide access and exposure to the Japanese board game Shogi to interested students, faculty, staff, and residents of the Swarthmore area. The Shogi club holds regular meetings once a week, where members play and learn Shogi together. 

Ski Club

Swarthmore's Ski Club serves students in making winter sports accessible to all. The club takes students to local mountains to ski, snow-shoe, and cross-country ski. No experience necessary, all students are welcome!

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) aims to empower people of marginalized genders to confidently pursue careers as engineers and leaders. We believe that the best engineering comes from groups who are innovative, diverse, and motivated to make the world better for everyone.

Small Craft Warnings

Small Craft Warnings is Swarthmore College's exclusively in-print literary journal. We publish works of prose, poetry, and artwork by current students on a semesterly basis. 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

This organization is a student-run chapter of the national organization, SHPE. We seek to change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development. We will follow SHPE’s guiding values of Familia, Service, Education, and Resilience, in order to achieve SHPE’s vision: a  world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is a vibrant and dedicated community committed to fostering the advancement of Hispanic and Latinx students in the fields of engineering and technology. Our chapter strives to empower its members through professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs, all while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic and Latinx community. By collaborating with industry professionals, faculty, and alumni, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world, ensuring our members are well-equipped for future success. 


Speak2Swatties (S2S) is Swarthmore College's mental health student organization. Our mission is to empower Swatties to achieve better self-awareness, prioritize their mental well-being in daily decision-making, and develop skills to support themselves and their relationships. Our club has developed partnerships with CAPS, Student Health and Wellness, the Inclusive Excellence Fellows, and other groups on campus, to develop several large mental health projects and resources. Today, we host our very own student-led mental health podcast on Spotify, organize skill-building and de-stressing events, welcome and share student-written blogs on our website, and strive to create a safe space to discuss mental health challenges via peer support groups on campus. S2S provides a variety of helpful resources on our website,, including books, messages of support, and insightful social media accounts. 

Squash (M/W)

Squash is Swarthmore's co-ed club squash team. We are a great balance between casual and competitive with no experience required to join. We practice twice a week at the state-of-the-art Arlen Specter U.S. Squash Center in Philly and participate in competitions against teams from across the U.S. in round robins and tournaments, including the CSA National Collegiate Club Team Championships. All of our weekend trips and tournaments are lots of fun and pre-paid! Follow along with the team on Instagram @swatsquash."

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a student organization committed to raising awareness on campus about the urgent political and humanitarian crises befalling Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel, and the diaspora as a product of Israeli/Zionist efforts of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation, and settler-colonialism. On campus, we organize to end our college's complicity in these systems of oppression through the Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) is an organization dedicated to the cultivation of the culture, language, and historical identities of its members. We strive to maintain a vibrant Caribbean community. Our goals are to increase representation from Caribbean countries, infuse the greater Swarthmore community with a vibrant cultural impact, and create a safe, culturally rich space for all its members.

Swarthmore African-American Student Society (SASS)

Founded in 1969, Swarthmore African-American Student Society (SASS) was created for Black Students, by Black Students. From our founding we have served the Swarthmore Black community, organizing for a safe space, family, and unwavering celebration of Blackness. Focusing on Programming, Events, Advocacy, and more, we bring the Black community together. 

Swarthmore Association for Marginalized Students in Economics (SAME)

SAME is a new club for underrepresented and marginalized students who are studying Economics in any capacity at Swarthmore. This club will be a space to study together, talk about gender and racial representation in Economics, and meet new people within the Swarthmore community. Our goal is to provide a space for marginalized students within economics who often face hardship and discrimination. We aim to create an intersectional space for these students to be supported and heard, and host fun events like guest speaker panels, study hall sessions, and create opportunities for marginalized students to become engaged with economics.

Swarthmore Barbell Club

Swarthmore Barbell Club is a student-run organization dedicated to serve students at Swarthmore who are passionate about physical fitness and interested in learning about Powerlifting and Olympic lifting. We encourage collaboration, competition, leadership, and discipline through weightlifting. Each semester students have the opportunity to perform at local competitions and each week we bring in two coaches, who specialize in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting, to guide us in our training. We seek to help Swarthmore students foster their love for physical activity in a safe and productive environment with like-minded people. Whether students are beginners, intermediates, or advanced in weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, or Olympic lifting, Swarthmore Barbell Club will serve as a common ground for everyone interested in learning more about sports related to lifting.

Swarthmore Capoeira

Swarthmore Capoeira is a cultural, dance, and martial-arts organization that seeks to build a community of practitioners of the Afro-Brazilian martial art on campus.

Swarthmore Chabad

Swarthmore Chabad provides the Swarthmore College community with a Jewish home where all are welcome to explore and celebrate Jewish tradition and identity. We offer weekly Kosher Shabbat dinners at the Swarthmore Chabad house and also enable students to observe Jewish holidays throughout the year. During the week we host laid-back social and cultural events, such as barbeques and game nights, providing students with a Jewish community. In addition, we host Torah studies, facilitate volunteering, and other growth opportunities, both on campus and in the Chabad House. All students are welcome.

Swarthmore Chess Club

Swarthmore Chess Club strives to provide an inclusive and diverse environment for those of all skill levels who are interested in the game of chess and meet people who share that interest. We provide boards, pieces, tournaments, and the occasional snack for our members to come learn and relax.

Swarthmore Chinese Society

Swarthmore Chinese Society aims to connect Chinese students on campus and engage all students who are interested in learning about Chinese culture. We seek to build meaningful connections between members in the Chinese community at Swarthmore, Chinese alumni, and students interested in Chinese culture by hosting various social events centering on traditional Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year, Mid-autumn Festival, alumni career panels, and bringing cultural traditions to Swarthmore campus.

Swat Circus

Swat Circus takes weekly trips to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to learn a whole variety of new circus skills, from trapeze to trampoline to unicycling to aerial silks and everything in between. We also hold regular sessions on campus to practice acrobatics and juggling. 


Swarthmore College Chinese Journal, known as 《索思》 in Chinese, is a bilingual journal dedicated the fostering of cultural and academic exchanges between Chinese and English speakers. The journal is student-founded and student-run, serving the Swarthmore College community and a broader readership. Our mission is to provide a platform for showcasing academic achievements, literary works, and artistic expressions of students. We encourage contributions from authors of diverse backgrounds to enrich our content and promote a deeper understanding and respect for multiculturalism. The journal is published semesterly, featuring articles in humanities, social sciences, interviews, and more.

Swarthmore Conservative STUDIES

Swarthmore Conservative Studies is a coalition of students interested in conservative thought at Swarthmore College. We aim to promote an understanding of conservative principles within the student body at Swarthmore and engage in debate and dialogue about the meaning, political implications, and social impact of these principles. We hold meetings and events, organize educational efforts, and host guest speakers.


Swatcooks aims to provide an inclusive space for those of all skill levels who are interested in expanding their culinary experiences. To facilitate our goal, we will provide the training, assistance and ingredients necessary for our members to thrive and grow. Our hope is to create a fun and relaxed environment for those interested in cooking in order to develop their craft.


Swarthmore Deutsch Club’s mission is to spread and introduce the German language and German culture through group activities that not only engage students, but also challenge them to develop a broader perspective on international issues (especially those related to German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). From a broader perspective, our mission is to develop Swarthmore students’ intercultural communication competence.


The Swarthmore Disability Association (SDA) is a club dedicated to fostering community, allyship, and campus wide awareness and accessibility centered around various disabled experiences. From providing supports in accessing accommodations and services, encouraging physical and mental self care, sharing resources for navigating the various components of the medical system, addressing issues and ableism on campus, sharing personal advocacy projects,  and discussing the numerous social emotional implications of lived disabled experiences, we hope to create a supportive and inclusive environment open for all. Whether you have a physical or sensory disability, mental health or neuro divergences, active medical disorders or conditions in remission, have disabled loved ones or just want to be an ally and learn more.


SwatDoulas, or Swarthmore Doulas, is a student organization devoted to 1) expanding our own knowledge of reproductive justice and childbirth (physiologically, culturally, and politically), 2) sharing that knowledge with students and community members through outreach and educational programming, and 3) organizing and completing accredited trainings to practice birthwork/doula work. We hold biweekly meetings to plan training events around birthwork, reflect on the education acquired in trainings, screen relevant films, plan community outreach initiatives, discuss books required for doula certification, and support members to locate, begin, and succeed at professional doula work during their time at Swat.

Swarthmore Effective Altruism

Swarthmore Effective Altruism is a club committed to learning about and approaching the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow.

We provide networking support, funding, and artistic support for student theater productions on campus.

Swarthmore Global Surgery (SGS)

Swarthmore Global Surgery (SGS) is a club dedicated to supporting, nurturing, and teaching Swarthmore's future surgical leaders. We host a variety of events that includes suturing workshops, speaker series, and numerous shadowing opportunities. Open to all to have a desire to work in a surgical career, as a medical professional, or simply those who want to join out of interest.

Swarthmore Fencing Club

The Swarthmore College Fencing Team serves to promote and teach the sport of modern competitive fencing on the Swarthmore College campus and in local, regional, and national competition. Team members attend any or all of four weekly practices, approximately eight  yearly competitions, and additional training sessions and scrimmages. The Club itself promotes intercollegiate fencing competition by creating opportunities for its members to attend competitions against other colleges and universities and participate in regional and national fencing conferences. To foster team camaraderie and raise morale, the Club hosts several annual team bonding events throughout the year, including the Non-Denominational Gift Exchange in the Fall and the Fencing Banquet and Bonfire in the Spring.


Swarthmore Health Humanities (SHH) is a club chapter of the global organization, Students for Health Humanities, which aims to humanize healthcare. We bring awareness and delve into the role of the humanities and social sciences—like art, language, ethics, history, and cultural studies—in health, healing, and illness by studying others’ creative works and forming spaces to create our own. Every fall, we produce a new issue of our publication, Heart, which displays student and faculty art and writing around health and illness. Every spring, SHH hosts a health humanities exhibition with student and faculty works, performances, and food, in collaboration with DeSales University’s Physician Assistant (PA) program. Biweekly, throughout the academic year, SHH officers take turns hosting talks and discussions on health humanities issues of their choice, including pregnancy in prison, food deserts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical symbolism, and more.

Swarthmore Health Society (SHS)

The Swarthmore Health Society (SHS) is a club dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse community of pre-health students at Swarthmore College. Our primary goal is to provide support and guidance to students as they pursue their paths in healthcare. Through mentorship programs, workshops, guest speakers etc. we connect students with valuable resources to broaden their perspective on medicine and how they can choose future opportunities that best align with their interests.

Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association (SISA)

Swarthmore Indigenous Student Association establishes a community for Indigenous Peoples at the College to connect with the wider student body while also honoring specific cultural, historic, and identity differences. Through discussions, lecturers, dinners, and community bonding events, SISA aims to enrich the Indigenous culture while also bridging it with and sharing it with the entirety of Swarthmore students.

Swarthmore International Relations Club

The Swarthmore International Relations Club aims to facilitate foreign policy and global affairs engagement at Swarthmore through discussion and debate. Hosting events such as lectures, debates, and group discussions, we create space for Swatties to grapple with the biggest issues in international affairs. We seek to connect people interested in global affairs, to foster community discussion on campus, and encourage student scholarship in global affairs.

Swarthmore Judo

The Swarthmore Judo Club is a group dedicated to teaching and practicing the Japanese art of Judo, a combat martial art / Olympic sport. Judo, 柔道, meaning “the gentle way,” is about using balance and technique to subdue the opponent with no striking, kicking, or weapons of any sort. Whether you are looking to compete, learn self-defense, or are looking for a good workout, all are welcome!

Swat Money Praxis

We are a group of mostly students with wealth and class privilege who want to work to redistribute wealth in meaningful ways to members of our communities and people who are doing work for a more just and equitable world.

Swarthmore Pan-Asian Association (SPAA)

The Swarthmore Pan-Asian Association (SPAA) serves as an umbrella organization to uplift and support the voices of the Pan-Asian community. It is our goal to celebrate the diversity of Pan-Asian cultures and uphold the values of the various Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) related ethnic affinity groups (ex: Deshi, Kizuna, SCS) via our collaborational, physical, and financial support. We hope to not only act as a promotional unit for these groups but also make our collective presence known on campus through all-school events. It is our intention to foster an inclusive, chartered organization in which Pan-Asian students might find community, leadership opportunities, unity, and safety in a group associated with all affinity groups and Pan-Asian identities on campus. This organization unites the Pan-Asian community through events such as relaxing/unwinding SPAA (spa) nights, roundtable conversations, Crumb nights, movie nights, publications, and art shows. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival and CelebrAsia are our group’s all-campus events meant to commemorate the APIDA student body in large-scale, student-run operations through student performances, student vendors, student groups/clubs, Swarthmore departmental support, professional catering, and lastly, with the hope of helping outside Pan-Asian-affiliated causes and organizations through financial and promotional means. We regularly host guest speakers to participate in facilitated discussions about their experiences as members of the Pan-Asian community in hopes of providing engaging, inspiring, and educational opportunities for all students. Activities will be hosted on a per week or per two week basis, open to the entire campus.


Photography Club allows students to experiment with and improve their photography skills. Events include, but are not limited to, trips to cities and galleries, critiques, and art shows. Everyone can join regardless of their major or level of experience to learn more about photography techniques and processing. Come take photos with us!

Swarthmore Physics Club

We're the Swarthmore Physics Club (or Society of Physics Students), SPS, and we're all about building a community around physics! We're for anyone who's curious about the universe, whether you're majoring in physics or just have a passing interest. We are connected to the national society of physics students organization which rewarded us the 2022-23 “Outstanding SPS chapter award”. All our members can also get free membership to the national society of physics students organization. 

Swarthmore Production and Music (SPAM)

SPAM’s regular activities fall under three main categories: (1) music performance–jam sessions, (2) music production/creation, and (3) casual music-related interaction. 

Music performance (jam sessions): Each Sunday, club members and non-members gather in the WSRN Big Room on Parrish 4th to play music in a casual setting. Other performance activities include campus-wide productions and a regular karaoke night (members request songs to sing, and a group of student musicians prepare a set of those requests for the evening). 

Music production: Each Monday, club members break out into groups and collaborate to write and produce songs. Members learn songwriting skills as well as music production software, e.g. Logic Pro. As club members’ projects develop, members will need studio access to professionally record their music for digital publication. 

Casual music-related interaction: Members will meet on a weekly basis and work on music related work. This is a more casual meeting, and is meant to provide people with the opportunity to connect with musicians, and possibly get help on anything music related. This would be run similarly to office hours, with club leaders always being there, and members being able to show up, work, at any time depending on what works best for them.Other activities include club outings for musical events/ concerts/ performances. 

Swat Pickleball

Swat Pickleball provides an inclusive and fun environment for pickleball players of all levels to learn, enjoy, and master the world’s fastest growing sport!

Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS)

The Swarthmore College Computer Society, or SCCS for short, is a volunteer group offering computing services, tools, toys, and information to the Swarthmore College community. SCCS staff learn extremely practical system administration and software development skill—the stuff you can't learn in a CS lecture. We've been around since 1991 and continue to have fun building and maintaining a variety of useful software tools.

Swarthmore Robotics Club

Swarthmore Robotics Club is a group of students who are interested in exploring robotics at Swarthmore. The community is quite small so there is flexibility in the projects we undertake and each member's opinion is very important.

Swarthmore Sangha

Swarthmore Sangha is a welcoming community for engaging with Buddhist practices at Swarthmore. The Sanskrit term sangha means “community” and is used to describe groups of monastic and/or lay Buddhist practitioners. In our sangha, we invite all members of the Swarthmore community to engage with Buddhist thoughts, concepts, literature, and the practice of meditation. 

We host weekly meetings where members are invited to discuss Buddhist concepts and/or scripture, ask questions about personal and/or spiritual matters, and practice meditation. Each semester, we also provide retreats to expose Swarthmore students to longer-form meditative opportunities and knowledgeable Buddhist practitioners. Swarthmore Sangha seeks to provide a safe space for students to learn about Buddhist concepts, gain support, and grow in their wisdom.


SwatSkates aims to create an inclusive community for ALL people who enjoy doing or want to learn how to do tricks on wheels! Skaters of different identities and skill levels are all welcome: skateboarders, longboarders, quad skaters, inline skaters, scooters, etc. We host weekly meet-ups on-campus and go on field trips to skate parks and roller rinks. Come skate with us!


Swat Thai is Swarthmore’s Thai Culture Club and is a space for all students, regardless of Thai heritage, to learn about and engage with different facets of Thai culture including food, language, and the arts. Anyone is welcome to join!


Swatties for Immigrant Rights (SIR) is an advocacy group that aims to bring together students affected by issues surrounding undocumented immigration. This space will allow undocumented students on Swarthmore’s campus to feel safe and supported, and allies who have personal connections with undocumented immigration can come in solidarity. We want to increase visibility and raise awareness of these issues with the greater Swarthmore community. We aim to empower our members as we come together and share our stories with people who care about these issues.

Swat Smash

Swat Smash Club aims to create an inclusive space for students to meet new friends and enjoy playing (or learning to play) Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU)

The Swarthmore Queer Union (SQU) is an organization that seeks to improve the life of queer, trans, and questioning students on campus. SQU is primarily dedicated to creating space for LGBTQ+ students where they can come together to have fun, organize events, advocate for their needs and interests, and succeed in community with their peers. In addition to having weekly hour-long meetings, SQU sponsors speakers, workshops, student/faculty/staff events, and social gatherings throughout the year.

Swarthmore Quizbowl

Swarthmore College Quizbowl holds weekly practices, trivia nights, and facilitates trips to intercollegiate quizbowl tournaments.


Swarthmore's Argentine Tango Club. We have weekly group lessons and social dance opportunities.


SwatVotes is committed to fostering non-partisan voter education, registration, and mobilization on the campus. Their mission centers on enhancing civic engagement by amplifying voter registration efforts, advocating for Election Day as a holiday, and championing activities that bolster the fundamental right to vote. By promoting inclusivity and awareness, they strive to cultivate a culture of civic responsibility and activism, ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts.


Swarthmore Taiwanese Association is dedicated to creating a space to promote Taiwanese culture, identity, and significant current events. Through weekly meetings and a variety of events, we hope to build community through Taiwanese culture. We prioritize collaboration with other clubs and students from local institutions to run cultural and community events. In the past, events have included a mooncake-making event, a Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration, a Lunar New Year Festival, a Taiwanese speaker series (one about the 2024 Taiwanese Presidential Election and one honoring late Taiwanese composer, Tyzen Hsiao), Gay Marriage Legalization in Taiwan Event, and Swarthmore’s first ever Night Market Festival.

Swarthmore Tennis Club

The Tennis Club is a sports organization that supports non-varsity tennis players and anyone who is interested in playing tennis at Swarthmore College. The Tennis Club operates on the principles of offering everyone a fair opportunity to play tennis regardless of their background and skill level. Furthermore, the Tennis Club seeks to bridge the gap between the existing exclusivity of the tennis environment at Swarthmore College and make recreational tennis more accessible. Additionally, the Tennis Club works to offer non-varsity players the opportunities to play tennis on a competitive level.


Swaudio is a student organization which supports the visual and audio technical needs of events run by the broader student body at Swarthmore. The roles of the Swaudio team include upkeep of A/V equipment and inventory, working with organizations to advise on and plan technical needs of events, setting up and taking down equipment during events, as well as providing support during live events such as mixing audio and monitoring equipment/stage setups. Members of Swaudio are hired as student workers associated with the Office of Student Engagement.

Swing Club

Swarthmore Swing holds weekly social dances and lessons in Lindy Hop and West Coast swing dance! Our lessons are taught by professional instructors from Philadelphia. Everyone is welcome to join. No experience or partner needed. 

Tech For Social Good

Tech For Social Good aims to promote the use of technology for social impact through events, guest lecturers, and programing projects for organizations both on and off campus. 

The Orpheus Review

The Orpheus Review is Swarthmore’s first solely music-centered publication, dedicated to covering significant musical acts and developments local and worldwide, through online album and song reviews, feature pieces spanning topics from social media’s impacts on music streaming to long-form music videography, artist interviews, and thematically-curated playlists. Orpheus strives to be a space for any and all students to discuss and write about music, aiming to bring much-needed music journalism. Orpheus also functions on the belief that anyone who enjoys music is qualified to write about it, privileging a low entry barrier and also upholding music’s powerful capacity to connect people. It is through this desire to connect people through music that Orpheus also invests itself in fostering a music community on Swarthmore's campus through in-person events, such as a student showcase concert every semester in collaboration with the War3house 3, student musician social mixers, karaoke nights, and listening parties.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is Swarthmore College’s student run, independent newspaper that serves Swarthmore College and the surrounding areas. We publish student work in our News, Opinions, Arts, Sports and Campus Journal sections. Occasionally, we feature guest essays and op-eds from non-campus community members.

Trans at Swat

Trans at Swat aims to build a stronger trans community at Swarthmore College. The group works to promote access to resources and also create a sense of community and belonging. At its core, TaS is a space to support trans students.


The Tri-Co Law Review is a student publication that seeks to critically analyze the ways in which laws, rules, codes, and constructed realities influence our world, societies, and lives. Founded in 2016, originally as the Haverford Law Review, we are open to all students within the Tri-College Consortium: Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges. The Law Review provides students with an avenue for exploring fields outside of their regimented curricular work, including but not limited to sociological examinations of the American criminal justice system; discussions of legal codes in the global political sphere; understandings of grammatical rules and their influence on language; the psychological underpinnings that impact social beings; discussions of historical legal codes, such as Hammurabi's Code, or the rules and regulations of ancient religious communities, etc. You do not have to be a Pre-Law student to join.

The Review

The Review is Swarthmore's literary and culture magazine, publishing weekly online and quarterly in-print. Spanning seven sections, the Review is a home for your perspectives and creativity no matter what you have in mind.

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's)

The Earthworms are Swarthmore's Open Ultimate Frisbee team participating in USAU's Division 3 competition. We have regular practices and travel to several tournaments a semester and are committed to building an inclusive environment. No prior experience necessary!

Volunteer Income Tax Associates (VITA)

VITA consists of students assisting eligible tax clients in satisfying their tax responsibilities by providing free tax return preparation.


Vertigo-go is Swarthmore’s best and only improvisational comedy group. We put on six improv shows every year and host events where students can try their hand at improv games. We seek to make the Swarthmore community laugh. 


Voices, founded in the fall of 2017, is a daily, student-run news and media publication that witnesses, teaches, and listens to the multiple truths of Swarthmore.

Wing Chun Self-Defense Club

We learn and practice traditional Wing Chun kung fu for practical self defense, fitness, and fun. Taught by Sifu Fred Grant, students learn striking, grappling, joint manipulation, and more. Everyone is welcome!

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee (Warmothers)

The Warmothers are Swarthmore’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, open to all skill levels and anyone who feels that the women’s division is the best fit for them. We can be found every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Cunningham field, teaching new players and honing our skills. The Warmothers have an active social scene and we travel to participate in tournaments. Follow along with the team on Instagram and Twitter.

Women+ in Computer Science (W+ICS)

Provide a safe, welcoming community to all female-identifying individuals interested in or pursuing Computer Science; provide a space for learning, asking questions and getting academic encouragement; provide professional tools and opportunities to succeed in CS beyond Swarthmore.


For more than 75 years, Swarthmore’s radio station has been licensed by the FCC to broadcast on the airwaves. Since its inception, WSRN's DJs have hosted a variety of shows including  interviews, concerts, and scheduled music programs. A lot has changed since the station was first established but it has been able to adapt to and expand on what came before. Disc jockeys now have the ability to play music by simply plugging in their phone or laptop, in addition to the hundreds of CDs and vinyl records that are available in the station’s extensive library. Students can also record their shows, thereby continuing to preserve the rich history of WSRN.

Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA)

YDSA is the student section of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the country and a chapter organization. Swarthmore YDSA promotes activism and socialist learning within the interested student body of the college. 

180 Degrees Consulting

The Swarthmore branch of 180 Degrees Consulting aims to serve organizations ranging internationally to within the Swarthmore borough. Our voluntary services employ not-for-profits with solutions or guidance to a wide array of complex problems, while providing club members with hands-on client consulting experience.