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Clubs & Activities

180 Degrees Consulting - Swarthmore College

Swarthmore's chapter of 180 Degrees Consulting - the world's largest university-based consultancy. We seek out students to help us provide pro bono consulting services to local and non-profit organizations focused specifically on social impact.

252 Quantitative Trading Group

252 Quantitative Trading Group LLC is a student-run fund that seeks to educate members about the strategies and methods involved in algorithmic and quantitative trading. We do so by creating and testing computer algorithms and financial models through fast paced day trades in the stock market. Students who have an interest or prior experience in computer science, mathematics, economics, and/or finance are encouraged to apply!

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time is a dress history and historical costuming club. We do projects together, teach one another, and learn from both the good and the bad of historical aesthetics and practices. No experience necessary and all are welcome!


ADI (Athletics for Diversity and Inclusion) aims to hold space for conversation and action focused on issues of race, gender, class, nationality, and other diverse and intersecting identities within the world of athletics. ADI will accomplish this mission through events, uplifting diverse community members, and acting as a bridge from Athletics to the campus at large in an effort to establish Swarthmore as a place that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for individuals of all backgrounds.

Alexander Hamilton Society

The Alexander Hamilton Society is a national, non-partisan organization that aims to foster the next generation of active, American foreign policy leadership. As a Swarthmore chapter, we will host debates between some of the nation's most distinguished scholars and local professors on topics regarding national security and public policy. In addition, we plan to host student-led discussions in order to maintain a dialogue on current foreign policy topics.


We invite every student to read, discuss and test the Bible for themselves to understand what it means to live following Jesus. We have weekly events and serve underprivileged communities alongside students from universities across Greater Philadelphia. Come and see.

American Enterprise Institute

The AEI Academic Programs team connects top college students across the country with the ideas, research, and network of AEI. Members of our growing student network share AEI’s commitment to fostering a healthy competition of ideas, defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE Swarthmore College provides education, career preparation, and pre-professional activities and conferences to students interested in the fields of Urban Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. National conferences are hosted every year focusing both on engineering competitions and career networking.

Anime Club

We watch 2 anime that we vote on, one 12 episode series and one 24 episode series. We also watch a first episode preview of a different show each week. We watch a movie each month, and at the end of the semester, go to Philly for ramen.

Aquaponics Club

The Aquaponics club maintains the small-scale aquaponics system in Eldridge Commons. Club members can learn about sustainable agriculture, enclosed ecosystems, and making aquariums, terrariums, and grow beds.

Archery Club

Swarthmore's Archery Club practices weekly, with coaching from a former Olympic coach (US women's archery team). All equipment is provided. No experience necessary!

Architecture Club

Swarthmore's architecture club is for students who are interested in architectural design and architectural history. From meeting with architects, crafting historical narratives, to collaborations with faculty, Swarthmore's architecture club encapsulates the multi-faceted nature of the built environment.

Armwrestling Club

Exactly what you expect. Get together and arm wrestle! All skill levels are welcome.

Ban the Ban

Ban the Ban is a coalition of students representing Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Students for Transformative Justice, Abolition, and Reform (STAR), and Sunrise Swarthmore, calling on the college to revoke the 1991 ban on ethical divestment. While the college nominally supports students’ right to protest and takes advantage of student activism to project its “socially conscious” self-image, the Board of Managers refuses to align its financial investments with student demands. Ban the Ban hopes to push past this historic impasse and hold the College’s investments accountable to ethical standards instead of purely financial criteria.

Barbell Club

Anyone of all lifting levels is welcome to join! From beginner to advanced, come learn and practice how to perform Olympic lifts. Programming done by a professional coach.


The purpose of the club is to empower students to take control of their own financial futures by increasing financial literacy. The way the club plans to achieve this is through playing simulations: Cashflow is a board game that simulates real-life financial scenarios such as buying a car, taking out loans, saving for retirement, etc. The object of the game is to learn to harness investment opportunities for sources of income as players move through various stages of life. Players learn through a hands-on experience, observing their and other players’ progress in this simulation of real life. Simulations are the opportune way to learn from mistakes since there is no real ‘cost’ but still all the opportunities for reflection and education. After laying the foundation with Cashflow, the club plans to introduce Cashflow 202, which targets technical investing for students interested.

Biology Club

We are dedicated to building community among biology students and having fun with all things biology. We host a variety of events, ranging from bioethics discussions and course-registration advice sessions to nature walks and biology-themed baking nights, as well as facilitate the annual biology department T-shirt design competition.

Bird Club

A club devoted to the recreational observation and study of wild birds, in the Crum Woods and farther afield.


Swarthmore College’s project-oriented student organization that explores a creative, sustainable mode of fashion.

Bowling club

An interactive club that facilitates recreational and amateur bowling experiences for students.

Boy Meets Tractor

Boy Meets Tractor is Swarthmore's best and only-est sketch comedy group. We put on a big show at the end of every semester, alongside video sketches throughout the course of the year.

Campus Coalition Concerning Chester (C-4)

Through community building and engagement, C-4 @ Swarthmore—in conjunction with CRCQL—aspires for a clean and livable Chester community, and to garner commitments for zero waste resolutions in all 49 municipalities of Delaware County. Through education and advocacy, C-4 works to bring forward serious discussions about environmental injustice in pursuit of equity and justice for harmed marginalized communities.

Capoeira Club

We train in weekly in a Brazilian martial arts/dance style with an instructor from Philadelphia. Capoeira forms the foundation of many fighting and dance styles and is used by MMA fighters to increase their speed and agility. The form was created by slaves in Brazil as a way to fight back against plantation owners.


Provides students with the space, resources and support to engage with the art form of ceramics. Open to students with and without experience.

Chess Club

The Swarthmore Chess club is a place for chess players of all skill levels (including complete beginners) to come enjoy the game of chess.

Clarus Capital

Clarus Capital LLC is a student-run investment club on campus. Investing primarily in US equities, the club seeks to teach its members about investing.

Club Badminton

The Swarthmore Badminton Club is open to people with any levels. We host practices each week. Participating in tournaments is voluntary.

Club Soccer

The club soccer team is a group open to anyone who wants to play. We play in a competitive league against other nearby schools, starting Sept. 5. We also hold practices 3x/wk, and you're welcome to participate only in practices if you choose. Anyone who might want to play soccer on a regular basis should feel free to join!


Founded in 2001, COLORS is a student organization for queer, trans, and questioning students of color.

CORE (Community of Restorative Education)

We are CORE (Community of Restorative Education), formerly known as CYCV (Chester Youth Court Volunteers). We are a student group invested in learning about restorative justice practices in educational settings as we partner with the Chester Upland school district. We connect group members to a placement in a Chester school, where we train students to hold Youth Courts and teach about ideas related to restorative justice such as community building and harm reduction. This semester we may be able to offer in-person or virtual volunteer opportunities in the Chester community. During this time, we will continue to hold club meetings to discuss restorative practices, create lesson plans for future implementation, and be in community with each other as we envision the possibilities for liberatory education!


Deshi is Swarthmore's South Asian cultural group for students who have an interest in or are from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and/or Sri Lanka. Deshi’s purpose is to increase awareness on Swarthmore’s campus of South Asian culture and heritage, host South Asian cultural events for the Swarthmore’s community, and to provide a space on campus for students of South Asian heritage.

Drama Board

Drama Board is a club of students that produces student-run theater on campus! We can help you get funding, advertise auditions and performances, reserve spaces, and find other talented student collaborators. We hear funding proposals from anyone on campus (including you!) -- and the process is really easy.

E, A, T

A club for those interested in food, eating, and learning about different cultures.


ENLACE is a space for Latinx-identifying students to come together in community and solidarity. We provide social, educational, mentoring, and political opportunities to engage students with the many facets of their Latinidad and to explore their identities.

Essence of Soul

Essence of Soul is Swarthmore’s premier all-Black a cappella group, specializing in R&B and soul music!

FLI Council

Through mobilization around concerns surrounding the FLI experience, the Council will facilitate programs and initiatives that support FLI students. The Council believes in sustainable initiatives that create lasting, long-term structural change. As the Council advocates for the College to meet the needs of FLI students with critical care, they will continue to make change on their end.

Flight Club

Flight Club is Swarthmore’s aviation-enthusiast organization. We operate the on-campus flight simulator, hold speaker talks, and coordinate with students to take flight training hours for free.

Foosball Club

We play foosball and make loud noises in Essie's / Danawell. Come join us! We host tournaments at the end of each semester.

Friends and friends of Friends

Swarthmore's resident Quaker club. Open to Quaker and Quaker-curious college students! We participate in brief worship and fellowship.


Freestyle Fridays is a weekly hip-hop cypher which takes place in the WSRN Big Room from 7-10pm. Rappers, instrumentalists, singers, and spectators are all welcome to join.

GeMs in Math & Stats

Gender Minorities in Mathematics and Statistics is a Swarthmore student-run club and a registered Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) student chapter. GeMs in Math & Stats' goal is to provide a welcoming space for people of gender marginalized identities interested in math and statistics, and to make the Math/Stat Department more open and accessible to all students by hosting events throughout the semester.


The Global Brigades Chapter at Swarthmore College focuses on providing relief to underserved communities with limited access to health care. We volunteer abroad once every year, working alongside medical professionals, local communities, and other staff to implement sustainable health systems. 

Good Food Garden

The Good Food Garden Garden is a student run space, managed with help from Scott Arboretum, volunteers, and other community members. Throughout the academic year and in the summer season, we plant annual and perennial crops, as well as flowers. We meet on weekends to tend to the garden and to host other plant-related events.

Google Developer Student Club

Community groups for college and university students interested in Google developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.


Swarthmore’s most fun and most fruity acapella group! 


Freestyle Fridays is a weekly hip-hop cypher which takes place in the WSRN Big Room from 7-10pm. Rappers, instrumentalists, singers, and spectators are all welcome to join.

Haus of Garnet

Haus of Garnet is Swarthmore's first Drag and Makeup Club. It is for anyone interested in drag, makeup, costuming, hair styling, performing, and anything really!


Herbivores is an inclusive space for anyone interested in a plant-based diet! As a club we will host cooking events, engage in discussions regarding animal rights and environmental/health benefits of veganism, and advocate for more plant-based options on campus.


i20 is Swarthmore's largest club, representing international students from over 50 countries. The i20 board organizes weekly dinners, cultural celebrations, and bonding events to foster a supportive and engaging community among international students.

Interactive Math Colloquia

Interactive Math Colloquia provides an opportunity for students to give math talks, explore various math topics, get exposed to faculty research. We organize one to three student or faculty talks per week. Everyone with any level of math background is welcome!

Jewish Voice for Peace

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is an organization dedicated to ending the Israeli Occupation and opposing all forms of anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab oppression, as well as organizing for a just peace for all peoples in occupied Palestine and throughout the world. We are both unabashedly Jewish and political in our support for Palestinian rights. Our Judaism is not “neutral” or “apolitical,” and we feel called to come together and say: “Not in our name.” Together we organize and build community around principles of justice and liberation.

Kairos Christian Fellowship

Kairos is a progressive Christian organization that is welcoming to everyone of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and faiths (including no faith). It is a place for questions, Bible study, fellowship, and fun!


Swarthmore Kehilah is a religious, social, and cultural organization that serves the Swarthmore Jewish community and the campus as a whole by fostering engagement with Jewish cultures and religion, connecting students who are interested in Judaism to one another, and providing a space for practicing, exploring, and discovering Judaism and Jewish identity.

Kitao Gallery

Kitao is Swarthmore's student run art gallery. Our mission is to provide the Swarthmore community with a space where they can practice, experience, and appreciate the arts. We exhibit student art and organize art-oriented events, like workshops, open mics, and art festivals.


We are an inclusive club that explores and enjoys Japanese culture. We have weekly meetings for dinner and plan to make some Japanese food this semester as well!


Mayuri is the premiere and only Tri-co South Asian fusion dance team that incorporates classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and Kathak; folk styles like Bhangra and Garba; and western dance styles such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, and Jazz. The members of Mayuri choreograph cultural dances and perform them at various venues and events in the Tri-co and Philadelphia area. 


Mei is a student-led dance organization that aims to promote education surrounding Chinese culture, specifically through traditional Chinese dance. While learning both classical and ethnic Chinese dances, we hope to garner a greater understanding of Chinese culture.

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

A great way to stay fit, make friends, and have fun! Join Ultimate Frisbee, all experience levels welcome!

Mixed Comapny

Mixed Company (better known on campus as MoCo) is Swarthmore's oldest co-ed a cappella group, founded in 1991. Mixed Company performs several times each semester at Swarthmore in a variety of styles, ranging from pop and rock to ballads and R&B.


Mock Trial is a team-based activity that combines public speaking, theater, and debate. We compete against other colleges at tournaments across the country. Our season runs September to February, but feel free to contact us about joining at any time!


The place where anyone in any skill level can come and have an amazing time with friends and Swat comrades! For more than 30 years, Motherpuckers has provided a unique opportunity for students to try playing hockey, a traditionally exclusive and expensive sport. Two times a week, we go to an ice rink near campus where we play pickup hockey and other games on the ice, with the goal of creating a fun, safe, and exciting space for both avid players and first-timers.


Swarthmore's affinity group for those who identify as multiracial, multiethnic, or multireligious! We're a space to meet people with similarly diverse backgrounds and experiences, and talk about both challenges we may face and the joy of our identity.


NatroKnots serves as a support group function and is aimed at positively affecting the lives of textured haired students on the Swarthmore campus by creating and sustaining a sense of community and space where students can form a strong appreciation for their natural hair.

Our Arts Spoken In Soul (O.A.S.IS)

A student led creative writing club deeply rooted in spoken word poetry performances. As the name suggests, O.A.S.I.S seeks to help cultivate a voice of truth in every creative writer through their arts: spoken word poetry performances, paper poetry workshops, fiction and short story reviews, etc. Through our workshops, open mics, and spoken word events, we intend to explore various writers and their writing styles as a means of contributing to the literary scene at Swarthmore College. We also intend to provide a platform where students majoring in any form of creative writing at Swarthmore can find a family and space of relaxation outside of the classroom and intensive school work. Additionally, through our writing workshops, we aim to have participants learn about artists with marginalized identities who work with different media, and provide a safe space for students to analyze art and explore their identity through the exposure of different media and artists who may reflect or resonate with our participants. Through O.A.S.I.S, members will practice delivery and share tips for effective performance in any form of art. O.A.S.I.S plans to organize on-campus events, travel and admission to off-campus events, and collaborate with other organizations and faculty to bring people to campus for performances. Additionally, as has been done in the past years, O.A.S.I.S will prepare students to represent Swarthmore at a national poetry slam competition known as College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). We aim to bring these exciting scenes back to Swarthmore so as to ignite a literary passion in both students and faculty, and take the Liberal Arts type of art out there again.

OffBeat A Cappella

OffBeat is Swarthmore's newest a cappella group, open to all voices and identities. We arrange, rehearse, and perform music from a variety of genres, including indie, RnB, pop, and many more, and we have multiple performances per semester!

Organizing to Redefine "Asian" Activism (ORAA)

Organizing to Redefine “Asian” Activism (ORAA) is a socio-political group that aims to mobilize students and unpack the nuances of an imperfect “Asian” identity. ORAA seeks to act as a site of political action in collaboration with other student organizations and the greater-Philadelphia Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Pacific Islander American (API/A) network. We hold discussion-based meetings and organize larger events such as panels and talks. We discuss issues that cover a broad scope of topics, which include power dynamics, identity, education, politics, current events, and popular culture.

oSTEM (out in STEM) at Swat

oSTEM at Swat is a student chapter affiliated with the global oSTEM organization. oSTEM is is here support LGBTQ+ folx in STEM.


Outsiders is Swarthmore's student-run outdoors club; we run hikes, workshops, kayaking trips, and other outdoors activities, including the fall/spring break backpacking trips, and weekly indoor rock climbing trips. Got an outdoors skill you'd like to share with other Swatties or a cool hike you'd like to go on? Go for it -- any Outsiders member is welcome to lead activities!


The poker club holds weekly Texas Hold’em sessions for students of any skill level. We study poker strategy and hold informational sessions as well.


Paintball Club seeks to provide opportunities to Swarthmore Students to engage in paintball and other various competitive team based sports!

Peaslee Debate Society

The Amos J. Peaslee Debate Society is Swarthmore’s competitive debate team. We attend weekly tournaments through the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), a circuit of colleges and universities mainly on the East Coast, and the British Parliamentary (BP) circuit, which consists of colleges and universities worldwide. Swarthmore has won numerous tournaments and top speaker awards on the national and international levels, including winning the APDA National Championships in 2018.

Philosophy GeMs (Gender Minorities in Philosophy)

The Philosophy GeMs (Gender Minorities in Philosophy) is a student-run club at Swarthmore. Our goal is to provide a welcoming space for people of underrepresented gender identities who are interested in philosophy by building community among gender minorities in the philosophy department and providing opportunities for networking and further discussion to members of the club. We meet every week for casual discussions about philosophy and philosophy-related topics, and host social events throughout the semester. Anyone interested in philosophy who identifies as a minority gender in the discipline is welcome; one do not need to be a philosophy major or enrolled in a philosophy class to attend.

Psi Phi (not a frat)

PsiPhi (Not a Frat) is Swarthmore’s club for general nerdery! Join us for weekly dinner traditions and board game nights, semesterly tabletop role-play events, the famous Pterodactyl Hunt, and more! We also maintain a sci-fi and fantasy library in the basement of Parrish.


Pool Club meets to play billiards in Willets on Friday evenings: open to all, regardless of experience. We play for fun and offer info about rules and strategies. We also host trips to local billiard halls.

Racing Club

Club for all car enthusiasts! We will go on go-kart trips and host other fun racing-related activities.

Redefine Her Street

Redefine Her Street (RHS) supports women interested in careers in financial and consulting services through educational resources, community-building practices, mentorship opportunities, and recruiting support.

Rhythm N Motion

Rhythm N Motion (RnM) dance company is a family of dancers of the Tri-College community (Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, Haverford). The group focuses on the African Diaspora influenced styles of dance including jazz, hip hop, salsa, and African. We present our work to the Tri-co campuses through our main-stage show at the end of each semester, and we always look forward to the incredible sense of community that comes with having the schools cheer us on.


The rocket club designs, builds and launches model rockets!


Rotations aims to give pre-medical students the opportunity to learn about the vast number of jobs and career possibilities in healthcare and medicine. By bringing the voices and stories of medical and healthcare professionals to Swarthmore students in the form of interactive panels and Q&A sessions, we hope to provide a stronger understanding of future career options for pre-medical students as well as opportunities to connect with professionals in different fields of healthcare.

Salsa Club

Salsa Club provides weekly lessons and social dance opportunities for salsa and bachata dancing. No shoes, partner, or experience are necessary! All are welcome!

Sewing, Upcycling, Crocheting, and Knitting club

S.U.C.K. is a community of knitting and crafting enthusiasts that meets weekly to share experience and plan trips to local knitting stores. We will also be offering virtual meetings and yarn deliveries during the year.

Sexual Health Advocates

Sexual Health Advocates is an on campus peer resource that provides students with access to contraceptives and sexual health supplies. We also act as a resource where students can direct questions about sexual health and healthy relationships. We work closely with Worth health center, the women's resource center, and the Title IX team to make campus a safe space for everyone.


Swarthmore's oldest a cappella group, open to all tenor and bass singers. We compose, arrange, rehearse, and perform songs of all genres. Many performance opportunities year round!


Swarthmore's Ski Club serves students in making winter sports accessible to all. The club takes students to local mountains to ski, snow-shoe, and cross-country ski. No experience necessary, all students are welcome!


Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) is an organization dedicated to the cultivation of the culture, language, and historical identities of its members. We strive to maintain a vibrant Caribbean community; Our goals are to increase Caribbean countries' representation, infuse the greater Swarthmore community with a vibrant cultural impact, and create a safe, culturally rich space for all its members.

SPAM (Swat Production and Music)

We are a newly created student group aiming to enjoy, learn, and make music. The only requirement is that you're interested in music! 


Speak2Swatties (S2S) is Swarthmore’s premier mental health student organization. We aim to initiate conversation, self-reflection and connection between students in an effort to cultivate a campus community that prioritizes balance, active listening, self-awareness, and general well-being. S2S regularly hosts wellness events and workshops for students to destress and learn how to better care for themselves. We also provide a variety of mental health resources on our website, S2S is currently working on building a stronger partnership with CAPS at Swarthmore and make mental health education and care more accessible for all.

Squash Club

Looking to make some wonderful new friend and play squash? Join the coed Swat Squash team this year! We are a great balance between casual and competitive with no experience required to join and competitions against teams from across the U.S. in round robins and tournaments. All of our weekend trips and tournaments are lots of fun and pre-paid! Other than all the fun that you will be having, you can also earn a P.E credit as part of our team.

Student Government Organization (SGO)

SGO seeks to serve as the representative voice for all students within the Swarthmore community. We exist to empower the student body and enhance the student experience by supporting and drafting policy, promoting student welfare, interests, and needs. We want to serve as liaisons between the students and faculty, staff, alumni, and the administration at large.


STIX Leaders demonstrate a foundational belief in gender equity. Acting as liaisons between the Title IX Office and the student community, STIX Leaders help develop, implement, and publicize programming around sex, consent, healthy relationships, boundaries, resiliency, and trauma-informed care.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a student organization committed to raising awareness on campus about the urgent political and humanitarian crises befalling Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel, and the diaspora as a product of Israeli/Zionist ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation, and settler-colonialism. On campus, we organize to end our college's complicity in these systems of oppression through the Boycott Divest Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Sunrise Movement

Sunrise Swarthmore is the Swarthmore chapter of the Sunrise Movement - a a youth movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Sunrise Swarthmore advocates both locally and nationally for progressive climate policy.

Swarthmore African Students Association

The Swarthmore African Student Association (SASA) is a club dedicated to fostering and sustaining a sense of unity and community on campus among its African student population and establishing opportunities to promote enriching and entertaining gatherings, meaningful cooperation, and successful solidarity. SASA seeks to be a club that celebrates, respects and welcomes the rich diversity of cultures, identities, and expressions of love and joy from all regions of the African continent.

Swarthmore Afro-American Student Society (SASS)

The Swarthmore African-American Student Society intends to provide support for its members primarily through community building activities. The major goals of the organization are to increase the number of Black students, faculty and staff; infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; improve the quality of life for Black students on campus; advocate for the advancement of Black people outside of Swarthmore; and to maintain a strong supportive Black community.


Swarthmore Blockchain is a student organization dedicated to blockchain education and research.

Swarthmore Boxing

Come learn and practice the art of boxing! Whether you want to hit the heavy bag, spar, compete, or just jump some rope, we have something for you! All are welcome, no experience required.


Swarthmore Brain-Computer Interface (SBCI) is an organization that aims to provide with opportunities to gain exposure to brain-computer interface, an emerging, interdisciplinary field that concerns the direct communication pathway between the brain's electrical activity and an external digital device. Our organization is supervised by Prof. Xiaodong Qu from the computer science department and works closely with Prof. Qu’s BCI research lab. Our mission is to encourage students - especially those in computer science, neuroscience, and psychology - to pursue interdisciplinary studies across these fields.


Aiming to be an informative, welcoming and fun platform, the Swarthmore Brazilian Society (SBS) works by organizing events, supporting applicants and producing content for the community of Brazilian students at Swarthmore College. Guided by the mission to empower, help and unite, SBS structures its activities around three pillars - professional, social and cultural. Consequently, our events range from lectures on how to build a bilingual curriculum that works in both the US and Brazilian job markets, to a carnival in the cold of Pennsylvania! Despite being aimed at the growing Brazilian community in Swarthmore and the Tri-Co, the Swarthmore Brazilian Society invites everyone with an interest in Brazilian culture to discover more about our people, language and culture.

Swarthmore Chabad (Tri-Co Chabad)

Swarthmore Chabad provides the Swarthmore College community and the Tri-Co with a Jewish home where all are welcome to explore and celebrate Jewish tradition and identity. We offer on site bagels and Torah and one-on-one learning as well as occasional kosher shabbat dinners at Swarthmore and weekly dinners at the Haverford Rohr Center - Chabad House. All students are welcome.

Swarthmore Chinese Society (SCS)

Swarthmore Chinese Society aims to connect Chinese students on campus and engage all students who are interested in learning about Chinese culture. We seek to build meaningful connections between members in the Chinese community at Swarthmore, Chinese alumni, and students interested in Chinese culture by hosting various social events centering on traditional Chinese festivals such as Chinese New Year, Mid-autumn Festival, alumni career panels.

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship (SCF) is an InterVarsity-affiliated community of believers from diverse backgrounds and denominations. We study the Word in small groups, pray and worship at weekly gatherings, and facilitate transportation to several local churches.

Swarthmore Club Volleyball

We are a student run club that plays volleyball in the spring. We have 1-2 practices a week and you can get PE credit for it. No experience necessary!

Swarthmore College Computer Society

The Swarthmore College Computer Society (SCCS) is a student-run group that has developed and operated computing services for the Swarthmore community for 30 years. We run the Cygnet, a course planner, a computer lab, and a gaming lounge, and are always working on new projects to make life easier for students. Come get experience with real-world system administration and software development while having fun with some cool tech!

Swarthmore College Rugby Football Club

Swarthmore College Men's Rugby offers students the opportunity to play the fast-paced, physical game of rugby 7s. Men of all sizes are needed to play the 7 unique positions on the field. We play hard during the match and then socialize with the opposition afterwards.

Swarthmore Democrats

Swarthmore Democrats is a campus group dedicated to involving students in local Democratic politics, political activism, and campaign organizing. Students of all political affiliations welcome!

Swarthmore Effective Altruism

Swarthmore Effective Altruism aims to help Swarthmore students make the largest positive difference in the world. Swarthmore students are uniquely well-placed to help others in high-impact ways. Swarthmore Effective Altruism is an organization for Swarthmore students to learn about the world’s most pressing injustices and think rigorously and systematically about how we can use our resources to solve them. We hope to foster a friendly and welcoming community of people who are passionate about making the world a better place.

Swarthmore Fencing Club

The Swarthmore College Fencing Club is a coed group of individuals that practices the art of the blade and competes year-round against nearby college club teams. We are a fun-loving and tight-knit community that welcomes everyone and anyone with open arms, regardless of experience. While you will learn valuable skills for both on and off the strip, you will also have your team to back you up and prepare you for "battle"!

Swarthmore Finance Mentorship

Chance for underclassmen interested in Finance to be paired up with upperclassmen who successfully recruited for full time Finance positions. We can help with resumes, interviewing, and helping students decide what role in what firm is right for them.


We organize trips to nearby locations to collect fossils. These fossils include ferns, trilobites, and shark teeth.

Swarthmore Health Society (SHS)

SHS's mission is to build an inclusive community of pre-health students that fosters mentorship, education and empowerment through student-student and student-alumni networking, and to facilitate exposure to conversations and opportunities about the social, clinical and investigative health field.


Swarthmore Health Humanities (SHH), also called Swarthmore Medical Humanities, is a club chapter of the global organization, Students for Health Humanities. We aim to delve into the role of art, language, ethics, history, and cultural studies in health, healing, and illness by studying others’ creative works and making our own.

Swarthmore International Relations Club

We aim to facilitate foreign policy and international relations discussion by hosting events and by helping Swatties write about global affairs. We want to connect people interested in global politics and events and be a central hub on campus for these topics.

Swarthmore Judo

The Swarthmore Judo Club is a group dedicated to teaching and practicing the Japanese art of Judo, a combat martial art / Olympic sport. Judo, 柔道, meaning “the gentle way,” is about using balance and technique to subdue the opponent with no striking, kicking, or weapons of any sort. Whether you are looking to compete, learn self-defense, or are looking for a good workout, all are welcome!

Swarthmore Launchdeck

LaunchDeck is Swarthmore’s largest technology and entrepreneurship club. We want to foster a community of aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, designers, etc. at Swarthmore. We provide funding for student projects, host speaker events, and host hackathons.


Swat Larp maintains the Swarthmore Small Larp mailing list, which students can use to promote/sign up for small larps being run on Swarthmore Campus. (Small Larp is to disambiguate from the Big Larp, which is its own thing.)

Swarthmore League or Legends intramural league and club

The Swarthmore League of Legends club runs the Swarthmore lol intramural league. We usually have around eight teams competing in a fall and spring split. The club also does gaming events and activities with members…usually coordinated through our discord server.

Swarthmore Mock Trial

Swarthmore Mock Trial is a trial advocacy club that combines elements of competitive speech and debate, acting, and courtroom procedure. We work in teams to prepare a prosecution and defense for a fictional case and travel to other universities to try the case against teams from around the country. Anyone (regardless of prior experience) is welcome to audition in the fall of each year!

Swarthmore MSA

The Swarthmore Muslim Students Association (MSA) serves as a religious and social organization under the Swarthmore Intercultural Center (IC) and Interfaith Center (IF). The organization aims to bring students from various backgrounds together to foster mutual religious and spiritual growth. We aim to create a comfortable space for students who come from a shared Muslim background, but the club events are open to all Swarthmore students, Muslim and non-Muslim. Our events range from communal Friday prayers and social awareness events, to movie nights and group trips into Philadelphia. The association also works to support fasting students during the holy month of Ramadan when it falls within the academic calendar.


The Swarthmore Pan-Asian Association (SPAA) will serve as a support system to uplift the voices of the Pan-Asian community. It is our goal to celebrate the diversity of Pan-Asian culture and uphold the values of the various Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) related ethnic groups (ex: ORAA, Deshi, Kizuna, SCS) via our mental, physical, and financial support. Through SPAA, we hope to not only act as a promotional unit for these groups but also make our collective presence known on campus. Our plans include a monthly newsletter highlighting the events, achievements, writings, and artworks produced by APIDA-identifying students. Additionally, we hope to carry out events similar to those put on during APIDA Heritage Month such as movie nights, intellectual conversations, Crumb nights, and most importantly, the Cherry Blossom Festival. We also intend to bring in speakers to participate in moderated discussions about the Pan-Asian experience in hopes of inspiring and educating students. SPAA will be an all-inclusive community dedicated to supporting APIDA students, however, its members will not be limited to only APIDA students. It is our intention to form a chartered organization in which the Pan-Asian community can find safety and unity.

Swarthmore Pinball Enthusiasts

Swarthmore Pinball Enthusiasts is a club for folks who have an interest in playing pinball and arcade games. Whether you are a pinball or PACMAN pro, or have never touched either game in your life, this club welcomes you! We plan on making monthly trips to Pinball Gallery in Malvern, PA, a pinball museum with over 80 retro pinball machines and arcade games.

Swarthmore Queer Union

Swarthmore's largest LGBTQ affinity group advocating fro a more inclusive and equitable environment for queer students from across the globe.

Swarthmore QuestBridge SCHOLARS NETWORK

The goal of the Swarthmore College Questbridge Chapter is to create a community and support network of students who come from varying, yet somewhat similar backgrounds that bring us together. Our community includes those who applied through the QuestBridge application, as well as members who identify as first-generation/low-income and allies. We hope to connect students with resources to help them thrive at Swarthmore and beyond.

Swarthmore Quizbowl

Swarthmore College Quizbowl is a club for students who love trivia, academic competitions, and nerdy fun. We hold weekly practices and compete in tournaments. No experience needed — Quizbowl questions cover all different topics so any knowledge is helpful, whether it’s the stats of all the NBA teams or the principles of quantum mechanics!

Swarthmore Robotics Club

Swarthmore Robotics Club is a group of students who are interested in exploring robotics at Swarthmore. The community is quite small so there is flexibility in the projects we undertake and each member's opinion is very important.

Swarthmore Sangha

Swarthmore Sangha is a community for Buddhist practice, open to students and staff from all backgrounds, that organizes meditations, discussions, half day retreats, and more.

Swarthmore Shogi Club

Take part in this Japanese form of chess, where captured pieces become your own! Beginners are welcome, and people who like strategy board games, doubly so.


Undergraduates all over the U.S. use their Society of Physics Students (SPS) Chapters as a means of connecting with the local and broad physics community, gaining academic support, and preparing for graduate school. Engaging in Swarthmore's SPS means all this support and more... notably, fun physics events at Swat like colloquia, telescope nights, astrophotography, and more surprises in store!

Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club

Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club is a space for students to practice, workshop and perform their stand up comedy routines. It also hosts an end of year open mic for students to perform their material.

Swarthmore Swing Dance

Swarthmore Swing Dance holds weekly social dances and lessons in West Coast and Lindy Hop swing dance! No partner or experience needed.

Swarthmore Wing Chun

We learn and practice traditional wing chun kung fu for practical self defense, fitness, and fun. Taught by Sifu Fred Grant, students learn striking, grappling, joint manipulation, and more.

Swarthmore’s Southeast Asian Student Association (SEASA)

SEASA is an inclusive organization celebrating Southeast Asian cultures and heritages. We often host social events with delicious food as well as social justice events that bring community attention to Southeast Asian issues with little media coverage.


We take weekly trips to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to train in all sorts of awesome circus skills! All levels welcome.

Swat Kicks

We offer kickboxing classes twice a week with a professional instructor. If you want to kick things while listening to 2010s throwbacks drop in. Beginners welcome!


Swat Medical Humanities is a club chapter of the organization, Students for Medical Humanities. Our aim is to learn about, engage with, and creatively delve into the role of humanities (like art, music, languages, philosophy, history, and cultural studies) in health, healing, and illness. Our topics of interest include bioethics, social justice in healthcare, narrative medicine, medical journalism, and art therapy. Some of the programs and projects we organize include: - An end-of-year arts and medicine exhibition for student writers and artists - A semesterly club publication with student-generated poems, drawings, stories, and articles highlighting the role of language, art, philosophy, and culture in medicine - Medical humanities article/story/journal discussions each semester - Guest speakers working in medical humanities fields - Volunteering initiatives around art/writing therapy, health equity, reproductive justice, etc.


Swat Money Praxis is a club dedicated to educating students about wealth redistribution. We work with students with wealth and class privilege to redefine their relationship to money and redistribute funds to community organizations and members.


Pickleball club aims to spread the love of pickleball for all skill levels! through our weekly sessions, we will teach the rules and help beginners understand the game, and also provide competitive matches for seasoned players. We will create a social environment where members can make new friends and play against all skill levels to improve their game.


The Swarthmore Pre-Law Society is an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in the legal field. We aim to simplify and clarify the pre-law planning and law school application process for all interested students by consolidating important law school admissions, work and internship, as well as LSAT preparation information. In addition, we hope to introduce students to the realities of a legal career by bringing in speakers such as law school admissions officers and established attorneys. Finally, in keeping with our mission to distribute this information, we provide a student newsletter for circulation throughout the Swarthmore community highlighting important events and opportunities in the legal field.

Swat Rocks

Swarthmore's rock climbing club. Focused on fostering a collaborative community for climbers of all levels and disciplines. Weekly climbing and strength training sessions.

Swat Surf

Swat Surf is a club that looks forward to fostering a community filled with people who love the beach and ocean. Each member joins this club with an open mindset to try a new sport, where we will promote good sportsmanship and citizenship. On each of our trips, we will be supporting each other as surfers while improving the environment through beach cleanups.


SwaTango is a student-run club that hosts weekly lessons in Argentine tango! Lessons are taught by two local instructors, and we offer PE credit for participation in lessons and off-campus tango events.


SwatDoulas is Swarthmore Doulas has weekly/biweekly meetings to discuss and actively contribute to inequities around birthcare and reproductive justice, to plan training sessions, to continue the education acquired in trainings, to screen relevant films, to plan community education and outreach, and to support those members who may be pursuing professional doula work during their time at Swat. The two main goals of the group are to increase our own knowledge of birth (physiologically, culturally, and politically) and reproductive justice, and to spread that knowledge through outreach and education on-campus and beyond.


SwatSkates aims to create an inclusive community for ALL people who enjoy doing or want to learn how to do tricks on wheels! Skaters of different identities and skill levels are all welcome: skateboarders, longboarders, quad skaters, inline skaters, scooters, etc. We host weekly meet-ups on-campus and go on field trips to skate parks and roller rinks. Come skate with us!


SwatVotes is a non-partisan student group dedicated to increasing voter education, registration, and turnout on campus. We provide Swarthmore students with the support they need to navigate and overcome institutional barriers to casting their ballot; we aim to improve the Swarthmore voting experience in all national, state, and local elections.


We provide audio equipment setups for various shows and events on campus! You will get paid for your work.


Organization that empowers womxn to succeed and advance in their pursuit of engineering.


Educating students on campus and off on personal finance, investments, credit, trading, etc.


Building a culture of zero waste at Swarthmore College!

Tak Club

Tak club is a space for students to learn to play and practice the game Tak. We also provide entry to local Tak tournaments and host our own occasionally.

The Orpheus Review

The Orpheus Review, Swarthmore College's first online music publication, was started in the Summer of 2019. Dedicated to covering significant musicals acts and developments local and worldwide, Orpheus' ultimate goal is creating a space for Swarthmore students to share and write about music, regardless of experience.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is Swarthmore College’s longest-standing newspaper, published since 1881. Entirely student-run, we publish articles weekly, in both print and online formats. Our sections include News, Opinions, Arts, Sports, and Campus Journal. We are one of the key sources of new information on campus and would love for you to join us. No experience is necessary!

The Review

The Review is Swarthmore's literary and culture magazine, publishing weekly online and quarterly in-print. Spanning seven sections, the Review is a home for your perspectives and creativity no matter what you have in mind.

Trans at Swat

Trans at Swat is a student-created support group for trans, non-binary, and questioning Swatties. Our goal is to create a stronger trans community at Swat.


TransRacial Adoptees Club (TRAC) aims to create a welcoming community space for transracial/transnational adoptees on campus. In addition to discussions/conversations with each other, we also seek to organize the adoptee community to work towards just and humane adoption, immigration, and restorative justice systems. 


The Tri-Co Creative Writing Association’s goal is to provide a safe space for people who enjoy creative writing, no matter the genre or experience level! We connect peer readers, have writing workshops, and attend readings and conferences. We hope to foster a welcoming and encouraging intercollege writing community and provide a support system at college and beyond.


US in STEM is an organization seeks to address and raise awareness about barriers faced by students historically underrepresented in the STEM fields. We will foster a close-knit and supportive community, both within and outside of Swarthmore, that offers both academic and social support to individuals who have shown an interest in STEM.


Swarthmore's preeminent improv comedy group. We play games, do scenes, and host improv shows throughout the year, delivering campus the best laughs with the least rehearsal!

Voices Swarthmore

Daily news publication focused on witnessing the many truths at Swarthmore and emphasizing the voice of marginalized students on campus.

Volunteer Income Tax Organization

VITA serves the larger Delaware County community via income tax assistance preparation. Members volunteer for approximately three hours per week during the spring tax season.

War News Radio

War News Radio is an award winning podcast from Swarthmore College. We at War News Radio are trying to rediscover the voices of real people. Our show fills the gaps in the media’s coverage by airing new perspectives, both personal and historical, in a balanced and in-depth manner. We hope our broadcasts will engage our listeners and inspire them to engage critically with the rest of the world.

Warmothers Ultimate Frisbee

The Warmothers are Swarthmore’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, open to all skill levels and anyone who feels that the women’s division is the best fit for them. We can be found every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Cunningham field, teaching new players and honing our skills. The Warmothers have an active social scene and we travel to participate in tournaments.

Women in Political Science

Women in Political Science exists to offer space and resources to women and femme-identifying students in the Department of Political Science. We hold weekly meals and provide a platform to discuss issues of gender in the realm of political science.

WomXn's Rugby

Womxn's Rugby is an inclusive space for all females, queer, and non-binary individuals to enjoy the sport and be part of a competitive club team. There is no previous experience required, and we pride ourselves on ranging from players who are new to sports to long-term athletes. We prioritize each player's safety and well-being, requiring that they have at least six contact practices before playing in a game. There are three 2-hour practices a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 4:30-6:30), and on game weeks, members commit about 6 hours on Saturday (variable depending on travel time). There are sometimes additional team bonding and recruitment events, and weekly team officers' meetings. The average member commits 10-12 hours a week. We also encourage players to prioritize their physical and mental health, and understand if they cannot make the occaisional practice. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors may receive PE credit if they attend 2/3 of all practices.

Women+ in Computer Science (W+iCS)

Women+ in Computer Science (W+iCS) was created to promote women and students of other underrepresented genders in the field of computer science and in our own CS department. Every semester, we host a number of technical events (alumni panels, workshops with professors, career prep) and social gatherings (dinners, movie nights, trips to Philly) to help foster a supportive and fun community for our members.


We are the radio station on campus where you can sign up to host your own radio station slot and have other people listen online!