Event Registration

Reserve your event space, register for an alcohol permit, or set up a group meeting all on one convenient form!

To get started, please check the OSE Events Calendar (below) and the campus EMS calendar to get a sense of what else is happening on-campus on the day that you’re planning your event.  Once you’ve done that, complete our event registration form.  We'll review your information and get back with you to confirm your space and permit/support request.  Students and groups can use the event registration form to host an event on campus.

Please note: Any event where alcohol is served in a campus space with more than 10 people in attendance requires an alcohol permit.  You can apply for your alcohol permit using our event registration form.  An application for an alcohol permit is also treated as a space request. 

Host Responsibilities

All event hosts are expected to clean up and return the space to the way it was found before the event. We ask for set up time and automatically add an hour for clean up to each event registered. If you need additional clean up time please let us know. The College will impose a monetary fine, ranging from a minimum of $50 to several thousand dollars (depending on the scope of the damage) for failure to comply with agreements regarding space cleanup and/or destruction to College property (including Swaudio).
You can advertise your event on the weekly OSE Interns digest. You can also add it to the campus calendar and the student digest. OSE also has some supplies for posters. Lastly, you can hang fliers around campus or post it on prominent social media pages. Events with alcohol aren't allowed to reference the availability of alcohol in print or graphics.
You can request facilities support like extra trash cans, tables, and chairs for your event. You can also request full audio support from Swaudio, or just ask to borrow a speaker. OSE had lots of different games and sporting equipment available for check out in the OSE office. Finally, if you plan to show a movie, you should we'll put you in contact with the movie committee to ensure you have the correct rights and equipment!
There are many sources of funding on campus. Our event funding page (coming soon!) covers many of the places you can request support. You can not request funding through the event registration form.

Alcohol Permit Host Expectations

There are a number of policies and expectations related to hosting an event with alcohol. If you are applying for an alcohol permit (which you do through the event registration form). Hosts are expected to read and agree to these terms, attend an alcohol permit training, and understand the full policy outlined in the student handbook.

  • SWAT Team members/managers will check all ID's at the designated entrance. All attendees must possess a student id (or valid drivers license, for guests).
  • Hosts will cooperate with SWAT Team members and managers assigned to the event. Hosts are expected to check in regularly with SWAT Team members/managers to ensure that the party is running safely and no issues have arisen.
  • Alternative food and beverages must be provided during the event.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be poured individually and served to each guests. Hosts are prohibited from lining up drinks.
  • Hosts will not serve anyone under the age of 21 or any student who is visibly intoxicated, regardless of age. All guests over the age of 21 must be marked or hand stamped by SWAT Team members upon entering the event.
  • Party permits must be displayed at the entrance to the event. Additionally, a sign must be posted at each serving station stating "You must be 21 years of age to possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania".
  • Hosts are responsible for staffing and setting up the designated area where alcoholic beverages will be served. Only wine (boxes or bottles) or beer (kegs, cans, or bottles) is permitted at social events.
  • Hosts must be 21 and remain at the party for the duration of the event. Hosts must remain sober.

Remember - SwatTeam, Public Safety, and the Office of Student Engagement reserve the right to shut down or cancel an event if there are concerns related to health, safety, or community before or during the event. Issues that could cause problems during an event include (but aren't limited to):

  • Overcrowding or crowd control difficulties
  • Repeated or excessive noise violations
  • Multiple calls for assistance
  • Unsafe drinking behaviors, including binge drinking or drinking games
  • Violence of any kind
  • The presence of drugs or hard alcohol