Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants

RAs create community, both in their halls and across campus, and work to build the thriving "hall culture" that characterizes residential life at Swarthmore. They serve as advisers and facilitators, activities coordinators and cheerleaders, diplomats and confidantes.  RAs also play a crucial role in maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of their communities, and serve as liaisons to college administration.

2017-2018 Resident Assistants

RA Name Residential Community Floor

Email (

Evan Shoaf Alice Paul 1st eshoaf1
Emma Puranen Alice Paul 2nd


Nate Truman Alice Paul 3rd


Connor Hodge Dana Lower Level


Katie Dougherty Dana 1st


Timothy Nguyen Dana 2nd


Charlotte Iwasaki Dana 3rd (Female-only)


Kyra Harvey Danawell 1st & 2nd


Alex Jin Danawell 3rd & 4th


McKenzie Ward David Kemp 1st mward1
Casey Simon-Plumb David Kemp 2nd csimonp1
Alejandro Hernandez David Kemp 3rd jhernan2
Adrianna Berring Hallowell Ground aberrin1
Aidan Greer Hallowell 1st agreer1
Hannah Thompson Hallowell 2nd hthomps2
Harsha Sen Hallowell 3rd (Substance-Free) hsen1
Aaron Holmes Mary Lyons Lower Level aholmes1
Molly Murphy Mary Lyons 1st mmurphy6
Amelia Tomei Mary Lyons 2nd atomei1
Dakota Gibbs Mary Lyons 2nd


Katherine Huang Mary Lyons 3rd khuang1
Kirsten Morehouse Mertz 1st North kmoreho1
Jeffrey Tse Mertz 1st South dbanko1
Jennifer Beltran Mertz 2nd North jbelra1
Jared Hunt Mertz 2nd South jhunt1
Gilbert Orbea Mertz 3rd North gorbea1
Mishel Figueroa Mertz 3rd South mfiguer1
Ross Bednar Palmer All rbednar1
Rachel Wesley Parrish 3rd (Female-Only) rwesley1
Dan Siegelman Parrish 3rd (Male-Only) dsiegel1
Meghan Kelly Parrish 4th (Female-Only) mkelly2
Dyami Andrews Parrish 4th (Male-Only) dandrew1
Angelina Abitino Pittenger All aabitin1
Samantha Goins Roberts All sgoins1
Lily Wushanley Wharton 1st AB lwushan1
Christopher Malafronti Wharton 2nd AB cmalafr1
Laura Geary Wharton 3rd AB lgeary1
Sarah Hancock Wharton 1st/2nd CD shancoc1
Tamara Matheson Wharton 3rd CD tmathes1
Daniel Park Wharton 1st EF wpark1
Lydia Koku Wharton 2nd EF lkoku1
Seetha Davis Wharton 3rd EF sdavis4
Frankie Ponziani Willets Lower Level fponzia1
Luis Ceballos Willets 1st North lceball1
Sommer Denison Willets 1st South sdeniso1
Sonya Chen Willets 2nd North schen4
Saadiq Garba Willets 2nd South sgarba1
Rohit Nair Willets 3rd North rnair1
Joaquin Delmar Willets 3rd South jdelmar1
Dalia Castro Woolman  All dcastro2
Ahmed Shaban Worth & Lodges I/L Tower & Lodge 3 ashaban1
Katie Vuu Worth & Lodges J/K Tower & Lodges 1/4 kvuu1
Isabelle Branco-Lo Worth & Lodges M/N Tower & Lodge 2 ibranco1