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Department of Theater

Department Overview

Swarthmore's Theater Department is an educational and artistic laboratory – a place for expanding the talents and intellect of students and faculty alike.

At Swarthmore, we combine a rigorous liberal arts education with a practical exploration of performance that emphasizes experimentation and collaboration. The Department values engagement with both scripted and devised work, and seeks to involve students in all aspects of production. 

We continually seek new working relationships between the academy and the professional theater, inviting guest artists to be teachers, collaborators, and mentors for our students. Our department aims to nourish each student's individual talents and aspirations, and encourages students to build connections between theater, other disciplines, their lived experience, and the world at large. 

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Learn more about courses offered by the department of theater:

FALL 2021 

​​​(Courses in bold do not require a prerequisite) 

  • THEA 001: Theater & Performance (Saunders)
  • THEA 002A: Acting I (Torra)
  • THEA 004B: Lighting Design (Murphy)
  • THEA 004D: Integrated Media Design for Live Performance (Saunders)
  • THEA 0022: Production Ensemble (Stevens)
  • THEA 015: Performance Theory & Practice (Kuharski)
  • THEA 035: Directing I Director's Lab (Stevens)
  • THEA 099: Senior Company (Swanson) 

​​​​​​Course listings for Spring 2022 and beyond can be found here.


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