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Peace & Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Department Overview

At levels from the interpersonal to the global, the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Swarthmore College provides opportunities to study conflict and peacemaking in many forms.

The program's multidisciplinary curriculum examines the causes, practices, and consequences of violence as well as peaceful or nonviolent methods of conflict management, resolution,and transformation. Students explore many factors shaping human conflict, including the psychological,social, cultural, political, economic, biological, religious, and historical.

The Peace and Conflict Studies Program draws courses from a range of social science and humanities departments at Swarthmore and the other campuses of the Tri-College consortium. Students in any major may add a minor in peace and conflict studies.


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Learn more about the kinds of work our students are involved in before and after graduation.
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Global Nonviolent Action Database

The Global Nonviolent Action Database is an online electronic database of hundreds of nonviolent action campaigns.


The Peace Collection and the Friends Historical Library

The Swarthmore College Peace Collection offers a rich collection of primary & secondary materials related to peace organizations, nonviolence, disarmament, and conflict resolution.

The Friends Historical Library documents the history and concerns of the Society of Friends (Quakers) from the 17th century to the present.

Swarthmore College Peace Collection Photo Collage

The Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility

The Peace and Conflict Studies encourages its students to “explore topics relevant to peace and conflict through fieldwork, internships, or other experiences outside the classroom.” Consequently, our program values our partnership with the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility and its work to advance engaged learning and research.

The Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility supports Swarthmore faculty, staff, and students as they engage with “surrounding communities both locally and globally, for mutual benefit and reciprocally enriching relationships.”

Peace and Conflict Studies often holds classes in the Lang Center and co-sponsors a variety of events.  Stay tuned and follow our blog and social media feeds (@thelangcenter and @swarthmorepeace) for more news!

War News Radio

A weekly program produced by Swarthmore students, War News Radio provides  reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War News Radio