French & Francophone Studies

In French and Francophone Studies, you will learn French and acquire global competence in the Francophone world. You are introduced to modern France and a variety of French-speaking countries such as Algeria, Belgium, Haiti, and Senegal. You can develop an in-depth critical and comparative understanding of  the textual, filmic, and cultural productions of each of these regions. Our courses also pay careful attention to the major historical, social, and political developments that have shaped France, and its former colonies, thus providing an opportunity to understand the forces underlying these various cultures, literatures, and films. You will also expand your knowledge of the diversity of French-speaking countries.  In our program, you can explore interests as diverse as critical theory, film studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, or the Islamic world, and work directly with primary sources in their original language.

Studying French gives you access to an exciting and broad intellectual tradition, offers a unique perspective on vibrant cultures, and aims to build a cross-cultural understanding with the goal of educating global citizens better able to participate in an increasingly interconnected world. Over 200 million people speak French...why don't you?