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Engineering class

Department Overview

FAQs on Engineering Policies for COVID-19

Engineering with a Liberal Arts Education

Swarthmore seeks to help its students realize their full intellectual and personal potential, combined with a deep sense of ethical and social concern. Within this context the Engineering Department seeks to graduate students with a broad, rigorous education, emphasizing strong analysis and synthesis skills. Our graduates will be well rounded and understand the broader impacts of engineering. They will have the skills to adapt to new technical challenges, communicate effectively, and collaborate well with others. The Engineering Department and its students provide to the College community a unique perspective that integrates technical and nontechnical factors in the design of solutions to multifaceted problems.

Graduation Cake

Engineering Gala

Photo by Graduation Cake
Picture from the Engineering Gala

Engineering Gala! 

Engineering Gala! 

Engineering Gala! On Track for a Bright Engineering Future! 

Engineering Gala!

Picture of the engineering class of 2024

Engineering students - class of 2024

2024 April Fools Prank - a big table for the big chair on Parrish lawn. 

Engineers Week

Engineers Week! Students, faculty and staff enjoying pretzels from Auntie Ann's.

Field Trip to Veeco.

ENGR 14 class field trip to Veeco. Students worked in their semiconductor lab and got hands-on experience in research and design. 

Engineering Gala

Photo / Graduation Cake
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