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Student Advisory Group in Engineering

Mission Statement

SAGE is intended to be a sustainable leadership structure with the mission of enabling the Engineering department to better support its students, including those from historically underrepresented groups and other marginalized populations. The main function of SAGE is to make the Engineering department an open and welcoming environment for students regardless of background. Additionally SAGE will provide Engineering students with transparency and greater insight into the operations of the department, as well as represent the interests and concerns of Engineering students to faculty and staff. 

The SAGE Constitution further defines our functions, organizational structure, and membership.  


Study breaks and office hours

Take place in Singer Hall, Engineering Student Lounge approximately every other week, starting at 5 pm on the following dates:

  • 2/15
  • 3/1
  • 3/22
  • 4/19

Engineering siblings program

Through the big-little sibling program, we plan to create spaces to meet peers, make friends, share advice, ask for honest experiences, and have fun.


Engineering Google Calendar

Engineering Student Opportunities Database

Unofficial Engineering Student Handbook

Anonymous Feedback Form

SAGE Advisors

Elected Representatives for 2022-23

SAGE Representatives

SAGE Representatives

SAGE Representatives

SAGE Representatives

SAGE Study Breaks

SAGE Bingo Night Event during Engineers Week

SAGE study break - CAD/3D Printing in Rhino with Professor Gent

Students relaxing in the lounge
Students with engineering merchandise
View into the lounge with students socializing
Students playing Jenga
Student creating Halloween decorations
Student creating Halloween decorations
Halloween decorations

SAGE Bingo Night Event during Engineers Week

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