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Embedded Systems

A portable Jeopardy! game

A portable Jeopardy! game

The Engineering Department has several dedicated workspaces for embedded systems work, including:

Medical Electronics Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Computer Classroom 
Dedicated Project Space

The Engineering Department teaches multiple courses related to Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering including ENGR 017 (Introduction to Engineering Design), ENGR 029 (Embedded Systems), ENGR 021 (Computer Engineering Fundamentals), and ENGR 025 (Principles of Computer Architecture). Each of these spaces has PC workstations with software installed and soldering stations available. Some spaces shared with electronics also have oscilloscopes, signal generators, breadboards and other equipment for building and debugging electronic circuits.

Example student projects in embedded systems include:
 * a portable Jeopardy! game (pictured)
 * a temperature and humidity controlled terrarium
 * an automated plant watering system
 * a heart rate monitor