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Academic Program

Singer Hall Engineering Side

The new Maxine Singer Hall building for the Biology, Engineering and Psychology departments.

Swarthmore's Engineering Department provides a strong technical education in concert with the College's outstanding liberal arts program. Small classes ensure that students work closely with faculty members throughout their time at Swarthmore. The curriculum includes a core program of engineering, science, and mathematics as well as a broad selection of elective courses to provide a flexible base of knowledge and technique. Within engineering, students may specialize in civil/environmental, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering, or develop a customized program by combining these fields with additional coursework in areas such as chemistry, biology, or computer science.

The professional practice of engineering requires creativity and confidence in applying scientific knowledge and mathematical methods to solve technical problems of ever-growing complexity. The pervasiveness of advanced technology within our economic and social infrastructures demands that engineers more fully recognize and take into account the potential economic and social consequences that may occur when significant and analytically well-defined technical issues are resolved. A responsibly educated engineer must not only be in confident command of current analytic and design techniques but also have a thorough understanding of social and economic influences and an abiding appreciation for cultural and humanistic traditions. Our program supports these needs by offering each engineering student the opportunity to acquire a broad yet individualized technical and liberal education.