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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Department Overview

Drug discoveries, space exploration, computer innovations, agricultural progress, and developing alternative energy sources — these and many more innovations rely on advances in chemistry and biochemistry.

The work of chemists and biochemists impacts how we live as well as how we relate to one another and our environment. At Swarthmore, students benefit from working side by side with top-notch faculty in both the laboratory and the classroom.

Participation in research exposes students to the practice of chemistry as a process of creating new knowledge. Students proceed through our well-defined progression of instruction, which incorporates laboratory work into every core course. The department enables students to obtain a solid understanding of scientific principles, a mastery of experimental technology, an appreciation for the scientific method, and a concern for the social impact of research. In a colloquium series, students gain exposure to cutting-edge research and interact closely with well-known researchers from around the world.

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