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The department hosts regular Colloquia meetings to introduce students to a broad range of topics currently being explored by scientists in labs at Swarthmore and other institutions.

FALL 2022
Thursday, September 22
Koop Lammertsma, Cornell Visiting Professor, Swarthmore College
Title:  Organophosphorous Chemistry

Thursday, October 27
Dr. Sara Sohail, Laboratory of Chemical Physics (NIDDK/NIH)
Title:  Assessing the assembly of Amyloid-β fibrils using single molecule FRET imaging and deep learning analysis

Thursday, November 3
Professor Mark Hendricks, Whitman College
Title:  The importance of precursor chemistry in semiconducting and metallic nanocrystal synthesis

Thursday, November 10
Professor Dr. Remi Beaulac, Swarthmore College
Title:  Imperfect, Therefore Ideal: Engineering Efficient Energy Processes by Exploiting Defects and Disorder in Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Thursday, February 9
Dr. Krisna Duong-Ly ’05, Merck
Title:  Surface plasmon resonance (SPR): an informative characterization tool for biotherapeutic drug development

Thursday, February 16
Professor Kathryn Riley ’10, Swarthmore College
Title:  Developing Analytical Tools to Probe the Biomolecule-Mediated Reactivity of Silver Nanoparticles

Thursday, March 2
Professor Laura Dassama, Stanford University
Title:  Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of Lipid Trafficking in Bacteria

Thursday, March 16
Professor Eric Schelter, University of Penn
Title:  Advancing Fundamental Inorganic Chemistry to Address Problems in Critical Metals Sustainability