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Alchemist Workshops

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What are Alchemist Workshops?

  • Drop-in study sessions that are staffed by students with strong chemistry backgrounds who have received mentoring instruction through the Dean’s office.
  • Alchemists work with students individually as time allows and they facilitate group collaboration.
  • Working in groups is helpful -
    • It helps students to see that there is often more than one way to approach a problem.
    • It gives students a chance to verbalize their understanding of concepts to fellow students.
    • Explaining material to others often helps to deepen one’s own understanding.
  • See the schedule below to determine when and where the workshops for your course meet.

Who are workshops for?

  • Anyone currently taking a chemistry course listed in the schedule above.
  • Individuals and groups are welcome, so encourage your classmates to attend with you.

How do I effectively use workshops?

  • Drop in to a workshop any time while it is in session. When you enter the classroom, sign in, have a seat and an alchemist will assist you as soon as she or he is available.
  • To make the most of your time in workshop, first try problems on your own and bring your questions to ask the alchemist.
  • Bring your class notes and text book as these are helpful references for both you and the alchemist.
  • Reread your class notes. If there was something during lecture that you did not understand, ask about it.
  • Do not expect to be able to start and finish your homework assignments during a single workshop.
  • Do not expect to get individual attention the entire time you are in workshop, other students may also have questions for the alchemists.
  • Bring coursework or homework to work on while the alchemist is assisting other students.
  • The alchemists are here to help you succeed, not to do your coursework for you. They will not do problems for you or just give you answers.
  • Attend workshop with classmates so that you can share ideas and work together.

Fall 2023 Workshops (subject to change)

Course               Room  Alchemists When (EDT)           
CHEM 022 SC 181

Sunday:  Lucas Oberdiek, Alexis Duffy, Stephen Kwas, Tobias Jaramillo

Monday:  Andy Chen, Grant Nguyen

Tuesday:  Ian Chen, Star Niu

Thursday:  Drake Roth, Sophie Rodner

Alternates:  Michelle Chen, Eric Xing

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 

7:00-9:00 pm


CHEM 038 SC 264

Sunday:  Andrew Cheng, Aaron Thammavongxay

Wednesday:  Emmaline Daggett, Tony Chen

Alternate:  Alina Irvine


Sunday, Wednesday

7:00-9:00 pm


CHEM 043 SC 181

Wednesday:  Casey Jordan


7:00-9:00 pm