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Alchemist Workshops

Alchemist workshops

What are Alchemist Workshops?

  • Drop-in study sessions that are staffed by students with strong chemistry backgrounds who have received mentoring instruction through the Dean’s office.
  • Alchemists work with students individually as time allows and they facilitate group collaboration.
  • Working in groups is helpful -

    It helps students to see that there is often more than one way to approach a problem.

    It gives students a chance to verbalize their understanding of concepts to fellow students.

    Explaining material to others often helps to deepen one’s own understanding.
  • See the schedule below to determine when and where the workshops for your course meet.
FALL 2020 Workshops (subject to change)
Course Room Alchemists When
Chem 10 Zoom

Fiona Heaps, Liam Woerner, David Ye

Chem 10 Zoom Elliot Kim, Omar Saleh, Matteo Sollecito Tuesday

Chem 10

Zoom Molly Erdman, Alec Ferry, Sam Wickenoff Thursday
Chem 10HN Zoom Rory Schmidt Sunday
Chem 32 Zoom Andi Cheng, Ally Scheve Sunday
Chem 32 Zoom Maddie Farber, Max Finkelstein Monday
Chem 32 Zoom Eva Karolczak, Emma Parker Miller Tuesday
Chem 32 Zoom Noah Cheng, Joe Scott Wednesday
Chem 44 Zoom Ariana Yett Sunday
Chem 58 Zoom Twan Sia Sunday
Chem 56 Zoom Ariana Yett Wednesday
Chem 56 Zoom

Judah Raab


Who are workshops for?

  • Anyone currently taking a chemistry course listed in the schedule above.
  • Individuals and groups are welcome, so encourage your classmates to attend with you.

How do I effectively use workshops?

  • Drop in to a workshop any time while it is in session. When you enter the classroom, sign in, have a seat and an alchemist will assist you as soon as she or he is available.
  • To make the most of your time in workshop, first try problems on your own and bring your questions to ask the alchemist.
  • Bring your class notes and text book as these are helpful references for both you and the alchemist.
  • Reread your class notes. If there was something during lecture that you did not understand, ask about it.
  • Do not expect to be able to start and finish your homework assignments during a single workshop.
  • Do not expect to get individual attention the entire time you are in workshop, other students may also have questions for the alchemists.
  • Bring coursework or homework to work on while the alchemist is assisting other students.
  • The alchemists are here to help you succeed, not to do your coursework for you. They will not do problems for you or just give you answers.
  • Attend workshop with classmates so that you can share ideas and work together.