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Department Overview

Why Study Religion?

To explore how humans understand and experience the sacred, the self, and the world.
To celebrate the complexity and variety within religious life and thought.
To cultivate skills of reading, speaking, and writing.
To share in the delight of asking--and even risking answers to--questions about the meaning of life and the sources of human and social transformation.
To experience the knowledge that arises from an appreciation of the place of religion in human experience.
The study of Religion can provide excellent preparation for a variety of careers, such as law, teaching, counseling, business, journalism, politics, writing, medicine, and the arts. Find courses here.

Reflections on the Study of Religion

Fall 23 Courses

Religion 005 World Religions
Religion 006B The Talmud: Sex, Gender & Mental Health in Antiquity
Religion 010 African American Religions
Religion 011, FYS: Religion and the Meaning of Life
Religion 019 Religion and Food
Religion 029 Islam, Race & Anti-Blackness
Religion 053 Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in Islamic Discourses
Religion 056 Afro-Asian Solidarities in the Americas
Religion 058 Tis the Season: Festivals of Solstice, Yule, and Christmas
Religion 095 Religion Cafe: Senior Symposium
Religion 108 Poets, Saints & Storytellers



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