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Computer Science

Swarthmore CS Computer Science at Swarthmore

Department Overview

Important Announcements for the 2020-21 Academic Year/COVID-19

Below are department announcements sent to students in the computer science department.  If you have not taken a CPSC course previously, please regularly check this page for updates.  Unless otherwise noted, changes announced for 2020-21 are temporary measures and will not automatically apply to future planning.


Welcome to the Swarthmore College Computer Science Department!

Swarthmore's CS Department offers courses that emphasize the fundamental concepts of computer science, treating today's languages and systems as current examples of the underlying concepts. By educating students to think conceptually, we are preparing them to adapt to developments in this dynamic field. The study of Computer Science within a liberal arts environment hones students' skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and clear and concise communication. Developing these skills creates students well prepared for graduate school or employment in industry.

Note: 2018-19 Changes to the CS Major

CS31 and CS35 Ninjas

Swat CS ninjas support our introductory CS courses. Learn more.

summer students

Summer research students: Kyle, Caleb, Sam, Sam, Zach, Kei, Josh, Douglas, Terry, Liam, Mickey, Kelly, Nhung (not shown: Effie, Jessica, Hunter, Sophia). Learn more.

Swat CS classroom picture

Swarthmore CS offers a variety of core Computer Science courses. Learn more.

CS21 Ninjas

Swat CS ninjas support our introductory Comp Sci courses. Learn more.

Swat CS student research talk

Swarthmore CS students engage in research both during the school year and over the summer. Learn more.

Women in Computer Science

Swarthmore's student-run Women in Computer Science group offers the encouragement and expertise to topple barriers and bias. Learn more

ACM Student Competitors

Each year Swat CS sends a few teams to the ACM Programming Contest. Learn more.

science center building

Most of our Computer Science labs and offices are located in the Science Center, which is also the home for Math & Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry. Learn more.

Swat CS ninjas support our introductory CS courses. Learn more.

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