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Advisory Council to the CS Department (ACCS)

What is ACCS (pronounced "access"):
ACCS students serve as liaisons between the CS faculty and CS students  (including any student enrolled in a CS class as well as CS majors and minors).  ACCS members are a point of contact for students in the CS department to raise issues and to suggest ideas for improving the department.  
How to Contact ACCS:
You may contact individual members of ACCS in person or via email. Additionally, you can use the following email address to contact all student ACCS members via email:
Who are ACCS:
There are 2 or 3 ACCS members from each graduating class. ACCS is a volunteer position. Students serve on ACCS for a term of one academic year. Each spring, faculty invite students to serve on ACCS for the following year after an application process that is open to all CS majors and minors (or intended CS majors and minors for first year students). 
Current ACCS members (2022-23):
  • Rebecca Putnam, Sierra Raskie Jeska, Tarang Saluja (class of 2023)
  • Amy Cho, Emma Stavis, Hayate Takeda (class of 2024)
  • Berket Nigussie, Tony Cao, Trisha Razdan (class of 2025)

ACCS Faculty Advisor (2022-23): TBD


Past ACCS:
  • Zitong (Sam) Chen, Ghazi Randhawa and Sidhika Tripathee (class of 2022)
  • Asha Bhuiyan, Alison Kim,  and Tarang Saluja (class of 2023)
  • Nelson Dufitimana and Nicole Nair (class of 2024)


  • Alison Kim  and Theron Mansilla (class of 2023)
  • Bill Dengler and Sidhika Tripathee (class of 2022)
  • Adriana Knight and Richmond Mensah (class of 2021)
  • Alison Kim and Xavier Serrano (class of 2023)
  • Rachel Choe and Bill Dengler (class of 2022)
  • Adriana Knight and Daniel Quintans (class of 2021)
  • Jonah Langlieb and Cassandra Stone (class of 2020)