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main lab


We are located in the Science Center, which is also the home for Math & Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Our space provides many benefits to our students and faculty, including:

  • A teaching lab (The Alden Lab of Computer Science) for classes and student work, which includes 26 Dell and HP workstations running Debian Linux
  • A second teaching lab, thanks to a gift from Jesse and Maria Aweida '56. We sometimes call this one the bird's nest, since all of the computers in there have bird names (hawk, owl, duck, etc.). This lab has 34 27" iMacs running Ubuntu Linux
  • An overflow lab, with 10 workstations, for students to use while the teaching lab is in use
  • A robotics lab, a NLP lab, and a cluster/systems lab for student research
  • A nice big server room for the department's UNIX servers and networking equipment
  • Study alcoves
  • Floor-to-ceiling whiteboards
  • A large seminar room (The Cunniff Seminar Room) with whiteboards and a projector
  • 24-hour access to labs via a card-reader system
  • Over 100,000 ft of CAT6e networking cables
  • All offices and labs on the same floor
  • Proximity to other science departments and Cornell Science Library