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CS Tutoring


Getting Help

General info about getting help in a CS class:

- if there are ninja sessions, try going to those first

- if you still need help, see your professor after class or during office hours

- if you still need help, ask your professor for a tutor

Blurb about how we request tutors and get them assigned to students.

Also a blurb about what student can expect from the tutor.

Becoming a CS Tutor

If you want to work as a CS tutor, email Lauri? We will check with your past professors

and make sure you are qualified???

Working as a CS Tutor

Working as a CS tutor, here's what you can expect:

  • work X hours per week
  • schedule your work time with the tutee
  • a rewarding challenge, helping your fellow students learn CS

Also see our "dos and donts" page...