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CS Tutoring

Getting Help for CS21/31/35 classes

General info about getting help in CS21/31/35:

  • Go to ninja sessions first - we require that students attend at least two ninja sessions before being matched with a tutor

  • Go to professors' office hours

  • If after going to ninja sessions and office hours you still feel you need additional assistance, you can ask your professor or Lauri about getting a tutor

What to expect when you are assigned a CS tutor

  • You will be emailed your tutor’s information - it is the tutee’s responsibility to contact the tutor to set up the first meeting

  • You can meet at a time and place which works for both parties - the library or a student lounge are good options

  • Please come prepared with specific questions about course concepts or an upcoming test/quiz - tutors have been directed not to help with weekly lab assignments as there are plenty of other opportunities to get help with the lab

  • Students can get up to 10 hours of tutoring per semester - if additional hours are desired, please contact your professor

Becoming a CS tutor

  • Tutoring is a great way to be a part of the CS department while helping your fellow students learn CS

  • Tutors are employees of the Dean’s Office but are hired and matched by the CS department

  • If you are interested in working as a CS tutor, please contact Lauri and, if you are qualified, she will send you an application

  • We typically look for students who have earned a "B+" or above in the course for which they will be tutoring - we also want students who have demonstrated an aptitude for helping others

  • If you are working as a CS tutor, please see our tutor do's and don't page