Faculty Diversity & Excellence

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Val Smith.  Swarthmore's 15th PresidentWelcome to the Faculty Diversity and Excellence homepage. Here you will find important information on faculty recruitment, helpful resources for current faculty members, and opportunities for faculty development.

As articulated in our strategic plan, Swarthmore strives to be “a model workplace and residential learning community in an increasingly complex global world.” The College is committed to developing and sustaining programs and initiatives that will provide an environment in which all who live and work here -- whatever their race, gender, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, ethnic or national background -- can succeed in their professional lives and flourish as individuals.

Our faculty are dedicated teachers, scholars, artists, and members of this community, and the source of the vibrant educational life Swarthmore offers. The College seeks to foster a lively and nurturing culture in which all faculty members have access to the resources they need to inspire students, contribute to the production of knowledge in their fields of study, and manage the competing demands of their lives.

Valerie Smith,