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Housing Resources

Housing Resources

Although Swarthmore does not provide direct resources for finding or listing sabbatical housing, some faculty have made use of the following resources:


A faculty member who rents a college-owned house or apartment may continue to hold the lease on the unit while he/she is on sabbatical leave, whether living in Swarthmore or traveling or working away from campus for the year. The faculty member is responsible for the monthly rent as usual. The College permits the faculty member to sublet the unit for the period of time they are away from campus for sabbatical leave or other College-related travel.

The Provost's Office can be helpful in finding someone to sublet the unit, e.g. a leave replacement person who might be coming for one year, and welcomes faculty to be in contact about that possibility. Whether the sublease is contracted with a faculty member, other employee of the College, students, or someone from outside the College community, both the Provost's Office and the Office of the Vice President for Facilities and Services must be notified of the arrangement. A sublease notification form, available at the Facilities and Services Office, must be completed, signed and approved prior to the sublease start date. Contact Kim Fremont ( in the Provost's Office.

Sublease arrangements of College-owned property for reasons other than the faculty member's absence from campus during an approved sabbatical leave or for other College-related responsibilities such as service at foreign study locations are not normally permitted. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Provost's Office.

For more information on finding housing around Swarthmore, the neighboring districts, or the greater Philadelphia area, visit Candidates & New Faculty Housing Resources.