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Research & Sabbatical Support

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Sabbatical Support

Swarthmore College grants a semester of paid leave every fourth year to continuing members of the faculty whose appointments are in the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor or Instructor. Leaves may be granted as often as once in four years and are normally granted for a half-year at full salary or for a full year with as much as half-salary. Faculty members who take only a one-semester leave are expected to teach two courses in the other semester.

More on Sabbatical Support

Travel and Research Support

Visit the Provost's Office website for information on the Conference Travel Fund, Research Support Fund, Collaborative Faculty/Student Research Fund, and Provost's Discretionary Fund.  

Travel and Research Support

Annual Faculty Research Support

Swarthmore College maintains a limited research fund for the support of research activities by its full-time and regular part-time faculty in the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Instructor.  Regular part-time members of the faculty are eligible for reimbursement on a prorated basis according to the degree of employment.  

Eligible instructional staff members may request up to a total of $1,750 (pro-rated for part-time faculty) for each academic year to cover expenses incurred in connection with a research project. If the project is expected to extend more than one year and cost more than $1,750, you may apply for up to $3,500 for a two-year period. If you receive a two-year grant, you will not be eligible to apply again until the two-year period is over.  

Requests are considered twice each year, in October and February via an email solicitation by the Provost’s Office. 

Eligible applicants are asked to review the  guidelines outlined in section II.C-10 Research Support of the Handbook for Instructional Staff (January 2019) for additional detail about the types of expenditures normally subsidized by the funds. 


Faculty/Student Research Fellowships

Funds are available through each division to support student and faculty collaborative research and independent student research during the summer.