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Social Sciences Division

sharples in fall

Divisional grants in the Social Sciences provide students with the opportunity during the summer to: engage as research assistants on faculty member’s projects (also referred to as joint Faculty-Student research), pursue focused study related to their thesis, or participate in an internship with a museum or other nonprofit organization. Students interested in receiving a summer opportunity grant to work with a faculty member on research should consult with potential faculty members about available positions. The faculty member will guide the student through the application process.

Students interested in support to work on their thesis or to pursue an internship must submit a detailed description of the proposed project (and in the case of the internship, a letter of invitation from a person affiliated with the organization involved) and an explanation of how it will enhance their overall academic program. The recommendation of a faculty member is required for both types of applications; students are encouraged to consult with the faculty member who provides their recommendation about their project/internship plan and proposal well in advance of the submission date.

For more information regarding the application process and the program, students should familiarize themselves with the INFORMATION and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.