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Program Resources

Summer research students Emma Lewis '18, Nicole Banales '18 and Marcus Hughes '18, who is from Williams College, work on astronomy projects on the campus of Swarthmore College on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, in Swarthmore, Pa. (Laurence Kesterson / staff photographer)

Program Guidebook

Engaging in a summer research project or other experience is an exciting journey. But, students often have difficulty knowing where to begin. The Summer Funding Opportunities Program Guidebook provides an overview of the program and guidance for students on how to progress through the development of their project and submission of their application. In addition, the Guidebook outlines requirements students must complete as part of their acceptance of a summer fellowship. All students, as part of their application, are expected to review and acknowledge understanding of the guidebook. By accepting a summer fellowship, students agree to abide by the policies outlined by the Guidebook.

Additional Requirements for Students Funded Through the Academic Divisions

So you’ve been awarded - congratulations! But, you’re not done yet. Here are some next steps….

  • Accept or decline your award as soon as you can. Access the Award Acceptance Portal using the link in your award email to accept or decline your award, and manage your required award documents, including the waiver form, budget submission, and any required program acceptances from external opportunities. All of these requirements are to be completed in the portal.
  • Summer Housing: There is a process to apply for summer housing if you have been awarded academic division summer funding. Note that there is a fee for summer housing and your summer funding can be used to pay for this fee.  
  • Complete additional contingencies associated with your project: Funding will not be released until you complete all aspects of the award process. All requirements must be complete in order for you to receive your funding. Depending upon the nature of your project, additional requirements may include:
    • Travel Registry - for any student traveling abroad this summer
    • Risk & Compliance - satisfaction of all requirements as defined by the Institutional Review Board/Departmental Review which begins with completing the Risk & Compliance Form in the application process.
  • Look for your stipend disbursements: The stipend will be disbursed to you in two payments, one at the beginning of the project period and one at the end of the project period. Prior to the first disbursement of the first payment, you must complete all outstanding requirements associated with your acceptance (you will receive additional notifications about any such requirements). The final disbursement of your stipend will made to you after you submit your final report to the College describing your summer work and findings.
  • Expect and reply to project check-ins throughout the summer.
  • Submit your final report: As a condition of your acceptance of this research grant, at the end of the summer research period you must provide the College with a final report that describes your summer work and findings. This report is due the first Friday of the Fall Semester and you will receive an email on how to submit this report via the summer opportunity portal.  Once submitted, your report will then be sent to the faculty recommender from your application for their review.  Your report is retained in the Provost’s Office as part of the record of your award, but a copy may also be forwarded to the donor who helped to make support for your summer project available.