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College-Funded Summer Opportunities

Every summer, Swarthmore College offers students generous funding that allows them to engage in high-impact learning experiences. While some of these are jobs and therefore limited to students with work-authorization, many funded experiential opportunities are available to all students.

Here is the policy:

All students, regardless of immigration status, are eligible to participate in experiential learning opportunities funded through the College as long as the opportunity is primarily for the benefit of the student’s education, professional growth, or training. Roles that require students to perform services or research primarily for the benefit of the College or faculty members at Swarthmore are employment opportunities and are limited to students with work authorization, as required by law.

Examples of eligible opportunities include:

  • Student-initiated research projects (including with guidance and mentoring of Swarthmore faculty or staff)
  • Research, service, or career-exploration opportunities conducted at outside organizations or institutions.

The Provost's Office recently shared this list of summer experiences funded by the academic divisions that would have been open to all students under this policy. 

Learn more about how summer funding works at Swarthmore-- including dates, application processes & requirements, programmatic info, info sessions, and useful info to make your experience a success. Students unsure of the eligibility criteria for specific opportunities are encouraged to reach out to Lesley Reyes Pina or another member of the Sanctuary Committee