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Resources for Advocates & Allies

students in amphitheater

Advocates and allies are invited to keep up to date about legal landscape impacting undocumented students in higher education, including the changing status of DACA and on effective practices for supporting undocumented students at the college level. Swarthmore is a proud member of the Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education & Immigration, which develops educational resources for students and advocates, including up-to-date information on legal changes relevant to undocumented students as well as state-level policies on admissions, financial aid, and professional licensure. Advocacy organizations Immigrants Rising also have valuable resources for those looking to learn about how to support this student population.

Students looking to get involved in supporting undocumented students are invited to join Swatties for Immigrant Rights allies group. Contact Dean Jen Marks-Gold to be put in touch with current student leaders. Faculty and staff who want to get involved in campus advocacy should contact a member of the Sanctuary Committee.