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Post-Graduate Planning

Students sit with a professional at a recruitment event.

For undocumented students, post-graduate planning is complex. The following guides offer tips for non-citizen students in considering post-graduate pathways.  

  • Career Services for Undocumented Students: Career Services at Swarthmore regularly adds content relevant to undocumented students. Check out some of the programs and resources below, and make an appointment to discuss your future pathways with a career advisor today. Don't wait until senior year!
    • Micro-Internships: Build key professional skills and gain valuable career experience through remote, short-term internships. SwatWorks offers paid opportunities with Swarthmore alums during College breaks, while Parker Dewey offers short-term, project-based contracting opportunities year-round. 
    • Virtual Experiences: Build real world skills and resume-worthy experience with leading organizations through short-term Forage Virtual Experience Programs (Unpaid).
  • Life After College: A Guide for Undocumented Students [pdf]: highlights the main pathways often taken by recent undocumented/DACAmented college graduates.
  • Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students: A webinar on career, income, and funding options that are available for undocumented students.
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Self-paced course from Spark and Immigrants Rising on independent contracting and starting a business. This 8-part series walks participants through key considerations, from developing a vision that leverages education and skills to legal and technical considerations.
  • UndocuGrads Workshop: Virtual workshop on applying to and navigating graduate school as an undocumented student.
  • Pre-Health DREAMERS: Resources for students interested in pursuing education and careers in the health care sector.
  • Graduate & Professional School: Pathways & Support Systems-- Video and resources from the SUCCESS Convening at Swarthmore College (March 2022)
  • The Higher Ed Immigration Portal's State Dashboard allows visitors to explore state-specific policies, including related to professional licensure (e.g. law licenses, teaching certification, etc.)
  • Teacher Certification-- The Department of Educational Studies has compiled a set of resources for undocumented and DACAmented students considering teacher certification.