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Resources for DACA and Undocumented Students

    Graduate School Resources:

    • City University of New York (CUNY) FAQ on Immigration and Education

      Lists commonly asked questions and answers that impact immigrant students and families in New York State

    • Navigating Graduate School: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students

      Includes some information about professional licensure

    • TheDream.Us

      This organization helps connect DACA and undocumented students with schools and scholarships. It also offers various guides and resources describing different steps of the higher education process.

    • United We Dream

      United We Dream advocates for immigrants and undocumented people, developing and running various support and empowerment campaigns. Visitors and members can access resources on various topics, including education.

    • CitizenPath

      CitizenPath offers resources related to DACA and other legal proceedings that might concern undocumented students. The organization helps immigrants apply for legal status and provides information on various related topics.

    • BigFuture by the College Board

      The College Board's BigFuture site offers resources on numerous educational topics relevant to undocumented students. For example, visitors can find financial aid information and guides for applying to college.

    • Federal Student Aid FAQ offers this resource to inform undocumented students and their families about the federal funding process. The guide also provides information on obtaining a Social Security number and answers to frequently asked questions about legal status.

    • Immigrant Legal Resource Center

      The ILRC provides information and resources that help immigrants navigate the complex legal system in the U.S. The center advocates for immigrant rights and improved policies, provides legal advice and training, and runs community campaigns.

    • National Immigration Law Center

      NILC offers support and legal resources to immigrants from low-income families and communities. Visitors can find information on undocumented student rights and support programs.

    • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

      USCIS publishes information on the latest legal proceedings and news regarding DACA and other immigrant-related status issues. The website offers application guidelines, tips, and other resources.

    • Resources for Supporting DACA/Dreamer Individuals

      Collection of resources by Advanced Standing MSW, an organization to support advanced education in social work. The list includes health, mental health, legal and advocacy resources.

    • My Undocumented Life

      This volunteer-run organization offers many resources for undocumented students, including guidance on how to apply for graduate school. Its website also lists fellowships for undocumented students, as well as key information about graduate school and advice from other undocumented students.