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Pathways to Teaching & Graduate Study in Education

Swarthmore students come to an interest in teaching at many points during their own educational careers - some before they enter college, others during their four undergraduate years, and some as they investigate possible careers after Swarthmore. Students are encouraged to explore the many opportunities available to them in the field of education.

As a first step, the department recommends that students enroll in EDUC 014. Pedagogy and Power: An Introduction to Education, which examines a broad range of topics in the field of education through readings and fieldwork. Introduction to Education is offered each semester.

Faculty in the department are happy to work with students to find the program that is most appropriate for their immediate and long-term goals in education.

Pre-teaching opportunities:

Teacher certification:

Graduate study in Educational Studies: Resources

Funding and support post-Swarthmore:

Jobs in Education - Career Services Resources (with or without certification)

 If you are looking to teach in Pennsylvania, the PDE Certification website maintains an interactive webpage called Career Opportunities for educators to search by county and locate contact information for individual educational entities. The purpose of this resource is to aid future educators in their search for vacancies in Pennsylvania schools. 

Philadelphia Learning Collaborative Job Board - The Philadelphia Learning Collaborative (PLC)  is a grassroots organization which exists to improve and support the ecosystem for student-centered, deeper learning K-12 schools in Philadelphia

Fall 2021 student teachers.

Fall 2021 student teachers at the end of the semester.

Photo by Jennifer Bradley
Nelson Flores lecturing.

Nelson Flores '03, Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, presents work on bilingual education in Philadelphia

Bree Picower lecturing.

Bree Picower lecture, Fall 2014

Fall 2021 student teachers at the end of the semester.

Photo / Jennifer Bradley
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