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Becoming a Tutor

What do I have to do to become a Dare 2 Soar tutor?

Students interested in becoming a Dare 2 Soar tutor are encouraged to attend an info session. These sessions generally take place the first week of classes every Fall and Spring, and will be advertised via the Campus Calendar and emails to the student body. 

All tutors must first apply and attend a tutor orientation to begin tutoring with Dare 2 Soar. Please email one of the student leaders for more information. 

What are the commitments of Dare 2 Soar tutors?

Students, parents, and teachers in Chester rely on our tutors for homework assistance, and consistent attendance matters. We ask that you treat tutoring as a job, and your job encompasses the following responsibilities:

  • Attend an orientation session.
  • Obtain Act 153 Clearances (see below). 
  • Commit to tutoring at least once a week on a regular schedule and at their assigned site. 
  • While students are only required to commit to one semester, we strongly encourage tutors to commit to at least one full academic year. 

How do I obtain Act 153 Clearances? 

We have created detailed instructions [SWATDoc] on how to complete Act 153 Clearances for the Dare 2 Soar program. Questions about completing clearances can be directed to Sandra Briggs-Edwards (sbriggs1); questions about specific requirements for Dare 2 Soar can be directed to Ashley Henry (ahenry1). 

Program Schedule 

Vans depart for Chester Eastside and the Boys and Girls Club from Rose Circle promptly at 4:10PM and return to campus at 6:00PM.

1.5 hours between 10:30-4:30pm. Tutors who would like to tutor on Saturday with the Chester Children's Chorus must also commit to tutoring one day during the week. Tutoring is located at 112 Park Ave in Swarthmore.