Lang Center
for Civic & Social Responsibility

Emily Barranca '19 doing face painting with a Dare2Soar student at an end-of-year celebration in 2017. 

Dare 2 Soar

Dare 2 Soar is Swarthmore College’s largest and oldest tutoring group serving hundreds of children aged K-12 in Chester, PA. Chester youth receive academic and cultural enrichment through the administration of meaningful activities that provide opportunities for personal development as well as recreation. The Lang Center collaborates with faculty members and Chester-based organizations to offer training and ongoing support to students for their work in Chester. 

Current tutoring sites are:

Students interested in getting involved should contact Ashley Henry (ahenry1), Program Manager.


Dare 2 Soar Student Coordinators

  • The Lang Center is currently hiring for these positions. Please contact Ashley Henry (ahenry1), Program Manager for more information.