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Summer Opportunities

Overview of Summer Grant Programs

There are four main types of summer opportunities funded by the Lang Center. These include unpaid internships, faculty-led engaged research, student-designed projects, and the Chester Community Fellowship. ​Swarthmore students can receive Lang Center summer funding for placements with non-profit organizations; for-profit organizations, law offices, or religious or religiously-affiliated organizations with a social mission; a Swarthmore faculty member working on engaged scholarship; and independent projects that address pressing social, environmental, or ethical problems.  Students attending paid programs (i.e., programs that students must pay to participate in) are not eligible for summer funding from the Lang Center.

Regardless of which type of opportunity a student is applying for, advising is required. This is an important step to ensure that students have a clear understanding of requirements and expectations, are prepared for the application process, and can articulate how their proposed experience allows them to connect academics with action. 

Except for Pilot Project funding, summer funding applications for Summer 2022 will open on January 15, 2022 and close on February 8, 2022. PDFs of the applications for Summer 2020 are below for reference. 

For the link to the online application, please contact the person from whom you received advising. 

For an in-depth look at the summer grant process, please refer to The Lang Center Summer Grantee Handbook [SwatDoc]. Have additional questions? Check out our Summer Funding Opportunities FAQs [SwatDoc] or email us. 

Social Impact Summer Scholarships

Social Impact Summer Scholarships (SISS) support students pursuing unpaid positions with host organizations that empower them to add dimension to their undergraduate course work while advancing the organization's mission, goals, and objectives. All applicants are required to have a summer funding advising session with a Lang Center Associate or Lang Center staff member before submitting an application through the Lang Center Common App.

Visit this webpage for more detailed information about the Social Impact Summer Scholarship (SISS)

Pilot Projects

Are you passionate about social change, but not sure where to channel it? Do you have a project idea, but not sure how to design and implement it? Do you need modest funding and other support to conduct a community assessment or to explore the feasibility of a social impact project? The pilot project grant program at the Lang Center can help. Available to first years, sophomores, and juniors -- both individuals and teams of students -- can apply. Such projects could include feasibility studies, assessment of community assets, interests, and needs, stakeholder mapping, and so on. For more information about Pilot Project Grants, contact Jennifer Magee.

Note: This project grant is not in service of Swarthmore College and does not create an employment relationship between the student and the College.

Faculty-Led Engaged Research

Faculty-Led Engaged Research supports students, selected by a Swarthmore College faculty member, to conduct engaged research in the service of a faculty member's engaged scholarship. Students interested in pursuing this opportunity should reach out directly to the faculty member with whom they would like to work and receive confirmation of their acceptance before submitting their application. Click here to learn more about funding for Faculty-Led Engaged Research.