Lang Center
for Civic & Social Responsibility

Voting at Swarthmore and Beyond

Swarthmore Voting Page 

Swarthmore College maintains a voter information page that helps students, faculty, and staff navigate the voter registration and voting process. 

Democracy Fellows

Swarthmore College partners with the Campus Vote Project to encourage student voting regardless of political affiliation. Each year, two Democracy Fellows work closely with the Campus Vote Project on initiatives that increase civic engagement on campus.

The 2019 Demoracy Fellows are Millie Amilcar '20 and Robert Gunn '20. 

Swarthmore Political Access Network 

The Swarthmore Political Access Network (SPAN) is a Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility initiative created in 2015 which aims to provide the Swarthmore College community with accurate and timely information concerning elections, voting, and participation.

SPAN is currently co-led by Robert Gunn '20 and Ryan Arazi '20.