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Lang Center Associates

The Lang Center Associates (LCAs) are issue-based student ambassadors for the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Working at the front desk, LCAs warmly greet visitors, research new pathways for students to engage with specific social issues, and advise fellow students on how to link their passions, curricular choices, and community engagement opportunities. The LCAs are also responsible for maintaining the Lang Center's Issue Area pages with updated information regarding opportunities for students, relevant coursework, and examples of previous Engaged Scholarship work. The LCAs bring the Lang Center to students directly, acting as a living resource and embodiment of Engaged Scholarship. 

You can find a list of current Lang Center Associates on the Our Team page. 

If you would like to have an advising session with an LCA, you can visit the appointment calendar

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LCA Program Contact

Ashley Henry

Assistant Director, Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility

Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility


  1. Phone: (610) 690-1130
  2. Lang Center for Civic & Social Responsibility 213