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Athletics & Wellness

Students practice yoga outdoors

“In my long experience at Swarthmore, we have always played to win, but not for the winning.”
—William Hyde Appleton, Swarthmore president, 1889–1891

A liberal arts education challenges students not only to hone their intellectual curiosity, but also to commit themselves to habits of physical and mental wellness. At Swarthmore, 22 varsity sports and numerous offerings of club sports, student activity groups, and physical education courses offer a wealth of opportunities to pursue a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Whether you aspire to be an All-American or a weekend warrior, Swarthmore can help you reach your personal fitness and wellness goals.

Go, Garnet!

The Swarthmore College Garnet compete in the Centennial Conference against Division III peers. Our program boasts a long and decorated history with eight national championships and more than 330 All-Americans since the 1860s. Swarthmore student-athletes are not only successful in their respective sports; since 1903, 17 of the College’s 28 Rhodes Scholars have competed in varsity athletics.


Kenji Yoshii '20

“Being a student-athlete teaches you how to be responsible for the well-being of others and to make personal sacrifices for their betterment. Like a liberal arts education, it fosters a flexible mindset that prepares us for our future.”

—Kenji Yoshii ’20

Student in white jersey receives high fives from teammates

Join the Club

A club sport is a chartered organization that is run by students who have a common interest in a particular activity for competitive, recreational, or instructional purposes. There are currently seven groups recognized as club sports at Swarthmore: men’s badminton, men’s and women's fencing, men’s and women's rugby, and men’s and women’s Ultimate Frisbee.


Club Sports: Richelle Robinson '20

“Club teams do a great job of maintaining and building a sense of community through traditions, social events, and tournaments, which are great ways to bond and make connections with your teammates.”

—Richelle Robinson ’20

Student holds rugby ball outdoors in rain

Living Well Is a Lifelong Journey

Wellness facilitates the holistic growth and development of the mind, body, and spirit of students and the community by creating, organizing, and promoting campuswide education and prevention initiatives.


Spaces and Places

Our facilities, including the state-of-the-art Matchbox fitness center and newly designed Clothier Baseball Field, help community members reach their full potential as they strive for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.