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Teachers as Scholars

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
                                                          - John Dewey

The Teachers as Scholars program recognizes teachers as scholars and learners who are eager to engage with others in the process of continuous intellectual growth.  The program provides K-12 teachers with the opportunity to explore new ideas in the company of fellow educators through participation in seminars taught by Swarthmore College professors.

The Program:

  • College professors offer 2-3 seminars each year on a topic within their area of expertise.
  • Each day-long seminar is held on Swarthmore's campus.
  • 15 teachers from Swarthmore College Educational Studies Department's partner schools participate.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.

Offerings 2023-2024:

Past Seminar Topics:

Lei X. Ouyang - Asian American Soundscapes
Anthony Foy - African American Autobiography

Joseph Derrick Nelson - (Re)Imagining Black Childhoods through Educational Practice: A Focus on Relationships, Listening, and Connection,
Nina A. Johnson - Race, Poverty, Policing, Prisons and Schools: Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Philadelphia

Sa'ed Atshan '06 - The Middle East Conflict
Ben Geller - Science: Energy Theater
Nanci Buiza - Central America and the Traumas of History: Of Wars, Peace, and Migration

Farha Ghannam - Gender and Power in the Middle East
Ralph R. Gomez - Great Ideas in Math

Keith Reeves - Understanding and Disrupting the "School-to-Prison Pipeline"
K. Elizabeth Stevens - Let’s Tell Our Own Stories: Making Theater from Scratch

Tariq al-Jamil - What is Islam?
Nick Kaplinsky - The Biology of Plants
Ayse Kaya - Globalization

Nat Anderson - Poetry Workshop
Lynne Steuerle Schofield - Playing with Numbers:  Design and Discovery (Statistics)
Farha Ghannam - Gender and Power in the Middle East

Mark Wallace - Climate Change:  The Current Debate
Sunka Simon - Film and Media Studies
Sibelan Forrester - Folklore and Literature

Patricia Reilly - Cracking Visual Codes (Art History)
Deb Bergstrand - Great Ideas in Math
Robert Weinberg & Tyrene White - Cults of Personality and the 20th Century

Steve Wang - The Fossil Record (Statistics & Science)
Ellen Magenheim - Making the Irrational, Rational: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Decision Making                                               
Peter Schmidt - 20th Century Poetry and Music

Tyrene White - Global Demographics
Betsy Bolton - Natural History and the Crum Woods  (Delaware County)


Professor Lisa Smulyan