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Teachers as Scholars

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
                                                          - John Dewey

The Teachers as Scholars program recognizes teachers’ as scholars and learners who are eager to engage with others in the process of continuous intellectual engagement.  The program provides K-12 teachers with the opportunity to explore new ideas in the company of fellow educators through participation in seminars taught by Swarthmore College professors.

The program

  • College professors offer 2-3 seminars each year on a topic within their area of expertise.
  • Each seminar runs for 2 full school days, usually over a period of 2 or 3 weeks.
  • 15 teachers from Swarthmore College Educational Studies Department partner schools participate in each 2-day seminar.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.

Seminar topics

(Re)Imagining Black Childhoods through Educational Practice: A focus on Relationships, Listening, and Connection, Joseph Nelson
Race, Poverty, Policing, Prisons and Schools: Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Philadelphia, Nina Johnson

The Middle East Conflict, Sa'ed Atshan
Science: Energy Theater, Ben Geller
Central America and the Traumas of History: Of Wars, Peace, and Migration, Nanci Buiza

Gender and Power in the Middle East, Farha Ghannam
Great Ideas in Math, Ralph Gomez

Understanding and Disrupting the "School-to-Prison Pipeline," Keith Reeves
Let’s tell our own stories: Making Theater from Scratch, Elizabeth Stevens

What is Islam? Tariq al-Jamil
The Biology of Plants, Nick Kaplinsky
Globalization, Ayse Kaya

Poetry Workshop, Nat Anderson
Playing with Numbers:  Design and Discovery  (Statistics), Lynne Schofield
Gender and Power in the Middle East, Farha Ghannam

Climate Change:  The Current Debate, Mark Wallace
Film and Media Studies, Sunka Simon
Folklore and Literature, Sibelan Forrester

Cracking Visual Codes (Art History), Patricia Reilly
Great Ideas in Math, Deb Bergstrand
Cults of Personality and the 20th Century, Robert Weinberg & Tyrene White

The Fossil Record (Statistics and Science), Steve Wang
Making the Irrational, Rational: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Decision Making, Ellen Magenheim                                                       
20th Century Poetry and Music, Peter Schmidt

Global Demographics, Tyrene White
Natural History and the Crum Woods  (Delaware County), Betsy Bolton

Cathy Dunn
TAS Coordinator