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Field Placements and Clearances

Students from FACTs Charter School visit Swarthmore

 Many of the courses offered by the department include a field work component at an area school.  Field placements provide students with the opportunity to connect theory to practice while also developing a deeper understanding of the many factors and issues present in school settings.  In some courses, students are observers or classroom assistants; in others they may work with individual students or carry out classroom or school-based research.

The Field Placement Guide prepares students for their first visit to their assigned site. For those assigned to an EDUC 053 or EDUC 056 site, see this specific guide.

The School Profiles page provides basic information about area schools.

When a field placement is completed, the Department of Educational Studies can provide reimbursement for travel expenses.  More information on this process can  be found under Travel Reimbursement Policy.

The Clearances, Forms and Applications page provides information about clearance applications.

The Van Certification page provides the forms you will need to become van certified.