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For Educational Studies Fieldwork

In order to participate in fieldwork, all public and most private schools require college students to present a PA Child Abuse Clearance and a PA State Police Criminal Background Check. In addition to these two clearances, some schools (and all charter schools) require a Federal Background Check (unless you have been a PA resident for 10 years, in which case you may be able to use this form in place of the Federal clearance). All student teacher candidates must complete these three clearances before acceptance into the program. Though PA law says that these clearances are good for 5 years, many schools/organizations require that new adult visitors present clearances that are less than one year old.  

If you have concerns about submitting the personal information required by the State for these clearances, such as your social security number or citizenship status, please contact the fieldwork coordinator directly to discuss the options we've developed for such situations; we value your privacy and you need not share the specifics of your situation, unless you wish to do so.

Our department will pay for all clearances associated with coursework for Educational Studies. If a student has obtained any of these clearances for other purposes, within the last year, it may be possible to use them for Educational Studies fieldwork. Please notify the Fieldwork Coordinator if you have clearances that are not on file with Educational Studies or if you have other questions.

  1. Directions for a PA Criminal Record Check: email Ruthanne Krauss with your full legal name, birthdate, and the reason for this check (for example, Spring ED 14 class).
  2. Directions for PA Child Abuse Clearance
  3. Federal Background Clearance Application: If the federal clearance is for a school setting, use Service Code: 1KG6RT  If you do not have the required photo id for the federal check, contact the fieldwork coordinator. Once fingerprinted, make sure to email your Universal Enrollment ID (UEID) to the fieldwork coordinator, so she can pull your federal clearance from the online database. If you have been a PA resident for 10 years, most schools will accept this form in place of a federal clearance.

You will have the option of scheduling your fingerprinting appointment at various area sites; the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) in Morton is the closest site, within walking distance, or the next inbound stop from Swarthmore on the R3 line.  If you need transportation or can't get an appointment time at the DCIU that works with your schedule, look to the next closest site and contact Cathy Dunn regarding transportation options.

Clearances for purposes other than Educational Studies Fieldwork

If students  or faculty need clearances for other College-sponsored activities (such as volunteer programs with kids, Lang Center projects, etc.) they should contact Sandra Briggs-Edwards (Public Safety) for assistance.

Please note: PA Federal Background Checks are run through IdentoGo. Non-school entities such as PA day care sites, counseling programs, coaching jobs, some tutoring programs, and other activities require a specific service code as part of the application. To make sure you have the correct service code, contact your organization or Sandra Briggs-Edwards. The service code for volunteers is IKG6ZJ.