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Arts & Humanities Division

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Within the Arts & Humanities Division, fellowships offer students the opportunity to pursue research, creative projects, or other scholarly engagement within the arts and humanities disciplines.  Grants are most typically awarded for the pursuit of scholarly research both independently or in collaboration with faculty members, but grants are available which support students interested in language immersion and engagement in the creative arts in the form of independent projects or established experiential programs.  In recent years, students have participated in archeological digs, have engaged in intensive language study abroad, have traveled to historic architectural landmarks to conduct research, and have joined professional artists in extended studio art practice, for example. These projects allow students to gain valuable research, cultural, or other professional exposure during the summer months.

When developing a research topic within the Arts & Humanities Division, students should identify the question or area that most interests them and consider the scholarly base of work that exists related to this topic. Consultation with a faculty member on a research idea is an invaluable component of developing a sound project proposal. Faculty members may help to guide a student through the initial phase of project development, and students should draw upon their expertise whenever possible.

Interested students must submit a detailed proposal outlining the proposed project, a detailed budget, and an explanation of how the project enhances their overall academic program. Students are also highly encouraged to consult with a faculty member about their project design and proposal prior to submission. All applications require a recommendation from a Swarthmore faculty member in order to be considered complete. Students should contact the faculty member directly to discuss their project and ask for this recommendation.  This request should come well in advance of the application period. During the application process, students will submit the faculty member’s name as part of their online application which will then prompt the faculty member to respond to the recommender prompts.

For more information regarding the application process and the program, students should familiarize themselves with the INFORMATION and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.