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Honors, Majors, and Minors

Majors and Minors

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Note: 2018-19 Changes to the CS Major

Honors Program

The CS honors program provides students with the opportunity for a more in-depth study of an area of computer science than is typically offered in CS courses. Honors students work on a summer research project, typically with a member of our department. However, students may work with a CS researcher at another college, university, or research lab.

Participating in the honors program is a good way to get an idea of what CS research is all about and whether or not it is something you like. We recommend the honors program to students considering graduate school in CS.

A CS honors major includes:

  • an honors thesis, including
  • summer research experience
  • a research presentation
  • written honors exams (two preparations)
  • oral honors exams (two preparations and thesis)

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