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Comp Sci Faculty Contacts

If you have questions about any of the following, please see the appropriate faculty member:


  • Study Abroad, Transfer Credit: Kevin Webb
  • CS Placement Exam: Lila Fontes
  • Programming Contests: Aline Normoyle and Joshua Brody
  • Dept.Events, Planning, Panels: Michael Wehar
  • Student Group Liaison: Tia Newhall
  • Sigma Xi Representative: Lila Fontes
  • Career Services, Job Events: Aline Normoyle
  • Faculty Mentor: Lisa Meeden
  • Department Chair: Lisa Meeden
  • Summer Grants: Lisa Meeden
  • Assessment: Vasanta Chaganti
  • Lottery: Zachary Palmer
  • Grace Hopper/Tapia: Tia Newhall