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Sophomore Paper Information


Please attend the Sophomore Planning Session for Computer Science on Monday, February 5, 2024 at 12:30pm-1:15pm in Science Center, Chang Hou 101 room. 

The Computer Science Department offers majorsminorshonors majors, and honors majors.  Please review the Computer Science Course Catalog for the most detailed and current information. 

Before applying to the CS department, sophomores are encouraged to attended the informational meeting held in the Spring each year. Dates to be announced by the Student Affairs Division.

During sophomore paper advising week in the Spring, meet with your CS advisor to map out a plan based on the guidelines given in catalog. Unfortunately, given our reliance on visiting faculty to help meet the demand for our courses, we cannot provide a detailed plan of future courses. However, we will do our best to ensure that there is at least one course from each curricular group offered every semester.  We also plan to offer  CPSC 021, CPSC  031, and CPSC 035 every semester.

When formulating your future schedule, you should plan on completing all three introductory courses (CPSC 021, CPSC 031, and CPSC 035) prior to taking upper-level courses. To be eligible to take upper-level courses in CS a student must have at least a C in both CPSC 031 and CPSC 035. Students who have not met these criteria may re-take CPSC 031 or CPSC 035 to obtain the necessary foundation for success in upper-level courses.

Acceptance Criteria

Note that if you have not completed the all three introductory courses (CPSC 021, CPSC 031, and CPSC 035), your application will be deferred.  Students who are deferred have one year from the date of their application to satisfy these requirements. To be eligible for a CS major or minor in CS students must have a C+ average in CPSC 31 and CPSC 35.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help with planning:

Note: CS  Course Caps (Students are limited to no more than nine total Swarthmore CS courses)