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Department Overview

Philosophy begins with wonder.

-- Aristotle

Philosophy analyzes and comments critically on concepts that are presupposed and used in other disciplines and in daily life:

  • the natures of knowledge,
  • meaning, reasoning, morality,
  • the character of the world,
  • God,
  • freedom,
  • human nature,
  • justice and history.

    Philosophy is thus significant for everyone who wishes to live and act in a reflective and critical manner.

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    How the Liberal Arts Prepare Students for Robot-Proof Jobs

    Tech entrepreneur Dan Peate, Founder, DRIAV, Hixme, & Peate Ventures, credits his success in business to the skills he gained in asking foundational questions as a philosophy major.

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    The Past and the Future of the Liberal Arts

    Richard Eldridge on "What Was Liberal Education?" in the LA Review of Books.

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    Defending the One Percent? Poor Arguments for the Rich?

    Peter Baumann discusses the philosophical view proposed by Gregory Mankiw in his recent article "Defending the One Percent"

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