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Brand Blanshard Prize

The Brand Blanshard Prize honors Brand Blanshard, professor of philosophy at Swarthmore from 1925 to 1945, and was established by David H. Scull ’36.

The prize of $150 is awarded annually to the student who, in the judgment of members of the Philosophy Department, submits the best essay on any philosophical topic.  All students are eligible to compete.

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Previous Winners

2018 Laura Geary '18 Objectification and Kantian Sexual Morality
2017 Joseph Millman '17 Stoic Compatibilism and Causation
2016 Gregory Brown '16 Aristotelian Categoricals and the Philosophy of Science
2015 Gregory Brown '16 An Objection to Parfit's Psychological Criterion
2015 John Proios '15 The Philosopher's Choice:  The Prudential Goodness of Compulsion in Plato's Republic
2014 Joshua Chang '15 The Euthyphro Dilemma and Its Relationship to God
2013 Quitterie Gounot '13  Piecing the Self Together:  Towards an Agency-Centered Theory of Normative Ethics   
2013 Mary Wiltshire-Gordon '13 In Defense of Radical Contextualism
2012 No prize awarded  
2011 Carson Monetti '11 The Anxiety of Assertion: On Kripke's Wittgenstein
2010 Richard Stillman '11 Qualia and Identity
2009 Diego Garcia-Montufar '10 Virtue, Knowledge and Moral Judgment
2008 Vivaan Nehru Ergon and Essence
2007 Andrew Sniderman Multiculturalism as Hydra
2006 Luis Dickson '06 The Theory of Freedom as Non-Domination:  The Problems of Attribution of Choice and Intentionality
2005 Aviva Aron-Dine '05 A Non Rational Choice Theory Conception of Rationality
2004 Benjamin Bagley '04 Cartwright, Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind
2003 Jesse O'Brien Coresponsibility Classes
2001 Benjamin Chan '01 Virtue Epistemology and the Generality Problem
2000 Daniel Wood '00 A Proposal for Modesty in Moral Philosophy