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Off-Campus Study

Study Abroad

With prior approval from the Chair, a student may take philosophy courses abroad for a semester or year and have them count both toward a major and as part of an Honors Program. Courses abroad do not, however, always fit neatly into a philosophy major and are not always suitable for full course credit. Full consultation with the Chair about study abroad is essential for constructing a viable program.

Philosophy Honors majors wishing to use OCST credits for an honors preparation should speak to the department chair before departing and after returning. OCST credits being used as an honors preparation, will need to be approved  by the end of the add/drop period of the fall term of the senior year.

Material for review should be uploaded to the OCST on-line portal.  Students should include as much of the following information as possible - syllabus, reading list, graded papers/exams, notes, transcript, etc.

Honors Minors' Philosophy preparation must be taken at Swarthmore.

Please consult the Off-Campus Study Office web page for additional information.

Domestic Transfer Credit

The Philosophy department does not grant credit for online courses. 
Nor do we grant credit for courses taken prior to matriculating as a degree seeking student at another college or Swarthmore College.