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Prerequisites and Requirements

Satisfactory completion of either any section of Philosophy 1-- Introduction to Philosophy, or Philosophy 12--Logic, or any First Year Seminar (FYS numbered 2-10) is a prerequisite for taking any further course in philosophy. Sections of Introduction to Philosophy and First Year Seminars are intended to present introductions to philosophical problems and techniques of analysis. There are no prerequisites for these entry-level courses.

Students may not take more than one introductory level course (FYS or Introduction to Philosophy). If there is an exception and a student does take two introductory level courses, only one credit will count towards the major/minor requirements, but both credits will count towards graduation. Students may take Logic either before or after taking any other introductory course.

Juniors and seniors may enter intermediate courses in Philosophy without having taken an introductory level course in Philosophy.

Starting with the class of 2026 - There is a limit to the number of cross-listed courses that students can count toward the major and minor-
- Majors (honors and course) can only count two cross-listed courses
- Honors minors can only count one
- Course minors have no restrictions