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Islamic Studies

Farha Ghannam teaching a class

Department Overview

Islamic Studies is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the diverse range of lived experiences and textual traditions of Muslims as they are articulated in various countries and regions throughout the world.

It draws on a variety of fields, including Religion, Anthropology, History, and Arabic language and literature to shed light on the multiple expressions of Islam as a religious tradition, the role of Islamic civilization as a force in global history, and the importance of Islamic discourses in the contemporary world.

The interdisciplinary program in Islamic Studies serves a crucial function in the liberal arts curriculum by providing a framework for students to develop a meaningful understanding of the multiple ways in which Islam has shaped human experience both past and present.

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Shi’i Islam, Secrecy, and Religious

 aljamil tariq
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Arabic Program

Courses in Arabic language, literature and culture are an integral part of Islamic Studies.